Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Potatoes with minced meat

Other than potatoes chips, I really like fried potato slice with minced meat. I’m quite picky about the potatoes though. Many places, including economy rice aka mixed rice that sells this dish slice their potatoes too thick. The potatoes actually taste nicer and more fragrant when sliced thinner. The thinner the potatoes make it easier for the potatoes to turn golden brown too.

- potatoes, in thin slices
- 3/4 tsp peppera
- 200g minced meat
- 2.5cm ginger, diced finely
- 3 cloves garlic, diced
- Few tbsp thick sweet sauce
- Few tbsp soya sauce

1. Mix ginger and pepper with minced meat. Put aside.
2. Fry sliced potatoes until golden brown and leave a side on a separate plate.
3. In the same pan fry garlic until fragrant.
4. Add thick sweet sauce and soya sauce. And stir until simmer.
5. Add minced meat and fry until semi cook.
6. Add the fried potatoes and continue to stir fry until minced meat is cooked.

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5 pieces of worms:


thanks for the recipe. i love potatoes too.


littleblackbook: you are welcome =)


teckiee, I love the idea how my huge spoon scooping up those pork meat :P Anyway, thanks for sharing, my mom used to cook this with leftover siu yoke, very delicious !! :)


my mum loves cooking this when we ran out of meats and veggy... there's always potatoes! :p


Anonymous: lol, i do the same... just feed that whole spoon of pork into my mouth!

jiayin: i guess its one one famous home dish =)

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