Sunday, August 20, 2006

Puttu Mayam

When my dad introduced me the famous Indian Puttu Mayam when I was a kid, I loved it a lot. ....actually I still love having the fresh, warm, soft and fragrant Puttu Mayam. My dad made a mistake tho.. he called it the Kutu Mayam. LOL!

The Puttu Mayam is actually a mixture of a soft watery rice flour dough that is pressed out of a container (something like a pepper grinder) shaping it into spirals, on to a steamer. The Puttu Mayam is then steamed for a few minutes and ready to be eaten. The Puttu Mayam is delicious eaten by itself when it is still warm, tastes sweet like bread. But usually, the Puttu Mayam is eaten with a mixture of grated coconut flesh and red sugar.

I have a personal way of eating the Puttu Mayam actually. I usually sprinkle a layer of coconut and red sugar in the Puttu Mayam. I'll then roll up Puttu Mayam and wait till the sugar melts into the coconut and Puttu Mayam. I'll make a few of them and chomp them put later at one go.

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10 pieces of worms:


ha, weird i see people calling it red sugar all the time, its actually brown sugar ... some call it black sugar also ...

its actually brown sugar ...

Austin Powers

Putu Mayam with chiken curry... NICE!


i call it yellow sugar


1 of my childhood's fav supper item. An Indian uncle used to hawk this on his bicycle around my housing area. I can't seem to find a good one now. Any suggestions?


earl-ku, jinroh: The sugar in the pic is dark brown sugar, there's also light brown sugar (as jinroh would call it) and also red sugar. The red sugar is actually red in color (kind of geli actually). I don't find many stalls selling puttu mayam with red sugar in Malaysia tho... but a lot in Singapore... I wonder why.

Austin Powers: Whahahhah i bet will go nice with rendang too! wOOt!

jinroh: eh I have been wanting to ask you... jinroh as in wolf rain?

tummythoz: Hmm lets see, SS3 papar malan on Tuesdays, got a really big indian stall selling just puttu mayam and all the dhall deep fried stuff..FRESH! muahahah! Then if you are lucky, sometimes you can catch one indian uncle in front of the small Gian t in Kelana at night. About 8 to 9 like that. Or... if in the morning, hmm this location hard to desc. There's a mamak shop (only mamak shop actually) at the SS4C pasar malam shop house area. They do sell puttu mayam too, but SS3 pasar malam ones are beter.


Wanakam, teckiee!


Aiya, wrong-wrong. Shd be Numbre Nandri! :P


Putu mayam goes very well with the thick chicken or fish curry gravy from the mamak eateries. I tried it once and got hooked thereafter!


Nowadays they don't serve red sugar. Kinda expensive. so they subsititue with brown sugar. But red sugar give it a better palm taste.


Tummythoz: LOL! i have no idea what that means but are welcome!

bayi: the curry assam tasting one ah? yeah man.. thats the best...i like it with roti canai, naan, tosai.. u name it hehe

hijackqueen: where to find ah? cant find in the supermarket.

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