Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Rojak buah

Still super busy! My brain is so rojak right now. My brain neurons are haywired, being toast and turn with the little brain juice that I have left.

I have two places where I get my rojak buah. If I'm home, I will always head to Atria for rojak buah.

The stall is located outside the side entrance of Atria in front of the stall makan area. This uncle, sometimes his wife, man the stall.

I don't seem to like other rojak buah. My parents used to 'ta pau' the rojak home for tea too. But it's nice to eat there. ...then have a cup of soya bean or a bowl of tau foo fa from the stall van right beside of the rojak stall.

When I'm at the office, the nearest place to get nice rojak buah is in Jalan Alor. The stall is located right in front of Meng Kee grill fish restaurant.

I usually have to wait some time to get my rojak but it's ok for good rojak. They also sell the crunchy keropok kepit where they squeeze tons of rojak sauce on the keropoks, then sprinkle crushed groundnuts, and sandwich them together. Absolutely delicious!

Too bad I don't have pictures... I'm always busy eating ;p

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16 pieces of worms:

Big Boys Oven

so deliciuos! yummy yummy

"Joe" who is constantly craving

u seem to be able to walk everywhere from ur office ar..do u fly ar?

Rasa Malaysia

Aiyo, this past short trip back to Penang, I ter-forgot to eat any rojak, sayang-nya, wasted lah. But it was raining for days and days and nights and nights...no rojak hawkers in sight. :P

mama bok

I sure miss my rojak..! i can eat this with my rice.. and make a meal outta it.. when i was a kid.. ;)

mº¿ºsh, brecht & nora

teckiee, with such cold climates here, everything i post about, looks extra yummy esp now craving for hot spicy food!!! i miss rojak = ( will go make myself lah... u know thos white things they put in, what r those???


atria's rojak is simply the best...been going there for ages...quality never drops...have introed many ppl to him and nothing but smiles...hmm think ill head there this weekend...:D


BBO: yeah indeed.

Joe: wahhh no laaa I dont walk to Jalan Alor.. damn far laaa. Have to drive.

RM: LOL! pasembur also never eat ah? at least if you ate that you did at rojak hehehe no buah only

mama bok: eh with rice ah... i have to try next time

mush: ohh add sambal to your rojak sauce! Lets see, thats papaya, sour mango, taugeh, kangkung, sengkuang, and pineapple.

sbd18: yeah! the uncle not 'yim chim' some more. He always gives me extra keropok when I ask hehe

ai wei

yummy! always fancy rojak buah!

wenching & esiong

We love rojak buah a lot, also the keropok! Love it with extra toppings of peanuts on top!


i always like the generous sprinkle of peanuts that some places provide... and the sauce..mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm....

Precious Pea

This Atria stall is my favourite too...ohh..and the soya van too.


i know the one at Atria !!
and the leng chai selling the soya bean drink and tou fu far... hahahaaa....


Where to find rojak at this time!? >_<


Why lah so super busy? One after another? Oooh? From your office go to Jalan Alor, got enough time ah???

mº¿ºsh, brecht & nora

teckiee, i went round the kampong i live and finally got the one & only sengkuang left! i bought it with such a glee on my face! the shopw owner must hv tot i am a nut case! heheh anyways FYI, sengkuang in english is YAM BEAN...


ai wei: hehehe one dish that can eat a lot and not feel guilty for the fat LOL

wenching & esiong: heheh me too. when i was younger, i dont eat the rojak... just the keropok

daphne: ohh for me not so much on the nuts. but the sauce makes a lot of difference

P.pea: i think both that stall have been there for more than 15 years already hor?

ling239: HAHAHAHAHA he was cuter when he was younger ;p but not bad looking as a man LOL

jason: come to PJ.. here a lot ;p ...if not lazy you can always DIY

wmw: leave 15mins early...come back 15 late.. can ...hehehe

mush: ohhhhh but sengkuang dont look yam at all... LOL

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