Thursday, August 10, 2006

Roti canai and boom

Is it true that roti canai originated from Malaysia and not India?

Sometime ago during a mamak session, I was told that the roti canai was actually invented in Malaysia. If you try to order a roti canai in India, the Indians will give you a blank blur look.

Is roti canai known as roti prata in Singapore? Or are they different types of roti? I also heard that roti Jon is already originated from Singapore, is this also true?

So many questions, but… answered or not, I still eat! ;p

Did you know that many of the roti canai dough are made in a factory and then just distributed to all the mamak stalls\shops? It depends on the skills of the roti canai maker to make the roti taste good.

The thinner the dough when the dough is stretch, the better. Sometimes it looks easy to make the roti canai, but trust me, it harder that it looks. Even the pro’s sometimes over stretch the dough resulting in holes in the stretch dough. When the stretched dough is “rejected”, they can’t be used again. …It can be used again, but the roti canai won’t have that nice roti canai texture to it. The reject dough will usually be made into roti boom.

Anyway, good tasting roti canai also depends a lot on the dhall (correct spelling ah?) you are eating with. Dhall is mainly made with beans and usually just a little spicy. I like really spicy dhall though, so I usually mix my dhall with Indian curry.

I also like to “banjirkan” my roti to make it into roti banjir. This basically just mean flooding the roti canai with dhall.

“Boss, roti canai satu! Tolong banjirkan!”

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12 pieces of worms:

cheng sim

yeah. i loved my roti telur soaked with dhall too. i dunno. the moist kinda kicks me in. so, always do that whenever im at a mamak stall.


cheng sim: gimmie 5! some ppl i know thinks its too jelak to banjir the roti tho


actually the word chanai is msian - its called prate everywhere else - n the taste is better here


yup... it's called Pratha in India... I saw it on Discovery Travel and Living... I wonder who started to claim Roti Canai as our own invention???


Yeah, you'll get to see some pre-packed roti canai being sold at most of the supermarkets like Jaya Jusco and Carrefour.

I love plain canai, roti planta, roti pisang (banana), roti tisu and roti bom~ =)


visithra: Ohhh icic. I have to get the spelling right next time. Thanks for the info!

wyejon: maybe someone named Chanai. hehe

cookies_cream: hoho i love roti bawan telur sardin with banjir! super filling one tho


I like mine real sinfully prepared - Ah-neh (means bro in Tamil, rite?), roti planta dengan dhall+kariikan+sambal dan gula asing!!


tummythoz: hehehehe you tried roti planta with susu? quite nice too


Used to get a spedcial one with condensed milk and banana filling from a Mamak stall at Taman Sri Rampai. Yummy!


if to flood it, i call it Roti Banjir! hehe



if u must really know, roti canai ( as is Italian pizza ) is copied from the receipi of certain types of buns from China ( specifically Fuzian Province ), and the name roti canai was originally roti "cheena " !

for added arguments,

Hang Tuah is Chinese, being a cousin of Hang Lipoh, & silat is a watered down version of Kung Fu

...and satay is invented by the Hokkians as Sa Tey ( 3 pieces ) over a stick,

for more ,check out

Ripleys Believe it or NOT

have fun !


Tummythoz: hm.. seri rampai accessible thru star lrt rite?

rokh: heheh i used to call it that...but when i started to want my roti telur bawan with banjir... i didnt know what to call it.. maybe roti banjir kilat LOL!

tonixe: hm.. i have eaten this chinese bread something like the roti canai in a mongolian restaurant. I wonder if its a varation of that. Maybe roti cina to roti ceena?

Yeah, read the hang tuah thing before, but i'll leave that to the history book.. sensitive issue.

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