Tuesday, August 01, 2006

San Francisco Steakhouse

I had a company sponsored lunch at San Francisco Steakhouse recently. I have eaten at various nice steakhouse before but not in San Francisco Steakhouse so it was very convenient for me to take the advantage to do a review of my lunch.

San Francisco Steakhouse can be found in MidValley, Damansara Intan, KLCC, ...and many other locations.

The hot bun came first. Smelt really good and warm... hmmm nice. Reminds me of airline buns... I just love them! The texture of the bun wasn't that smooth inside though. Rating: 8.5/10

Shrimp appetizer. This is my first time eating a Shrimp appetizer. The appetizer is basically just lettuce and vegetables with thousand island sauce toped with plain steam shrimps. Rating: 6/10

minestrone soup. Mixed vegetable soup with tomatoes. They had many cubes of potatoes in it. The taste was just so so. Even Kim Gary serves better minestrone. Rating: 6/10

Wokie, this was the vegetarian meal that was specially prepared for my vegetarian colleague. The patty contained mixed vegetables, rice and potatoes I think. Unrated.

I ate a chicken and beef mix. The chicken was one of the worst chicken meal I have tasted! The meat was freaking tough! It was dry. Tasted a little bland even with the mushroom sauce. If they had marinated the chicken in advance, well they really did a sucky job at it. The beef was only a little better. It was cooked well done. All the sweet red meat juice all lost. I preferred the side dishes of the vegetables and potatoes better. Steakhouse? ...*sign* Rating: 4/10

At least they did one thing right. Brownie and ice cream. The vanilla ice cream was really good and smooth. The brownie was not too dry or moist, with a harden melted chocolate on the top layer. Some parts (the sides I believe) was a little over baked so it was a little chirpy, but all good. Chocolate brownie and vanilla ice cream eaten together? Perfect! Rating: 8.5/10

Overall the lunch was just so so. I don't think I would be having any steak there anytime soon... unless it's a company sponsored meal again LOL! There are better and more value for money steakhouses around town.

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5 pieces of worms:


Hmmm ... looks like a scam under the cover of food.


Which SF is that? Mid Valley? My family and I always go to the Damansara one and I think the steaks there are normally quite good. From your photos, I don't think they look appetizing either. We've been to the Summit one once, and we found it wasn't as good as the Damansara one at all! So eventhough we live in Subang, we still drive up to Damansara instead of Summit. A pity, since I think chains like this should always serve standardized meals.


loong: dunno man, maybe u have to try it out for yourself... but i think u buy those ready marinated steak from giant and bbq or friy yourself also nicer.

Anonymous: the KLCC branch. I dont know if it's always like that, or only that day. Because they pre cook out food cos theres about 40 of us. ...then again.. precook also yucky


i can vouch for the damansara branch... i've eaten there before and they are not bad.


wyejon: hm... i think i'll eat at damansara next time.. the one in KLCC is badddd. They should really look into standards man

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