Friday, August 11, 2006

Sweet potato bun

For Ching Ming (grave visiting month), my aunty will usually make sweet potato buns for prayer. I am usually the one in the family who hogs on those buns. When my aunty offers them, I will automatically say "Of course I'll have them!" Hehehe. She also distribute the buns to all of the relatives and my family usually get a bag of buns as well. I'll keep them in the fridge and eat them every morning until there's no buns left.

My mom noticed for quite sometime that I really like them. Maybe because I always say "Ahhh the buns that Ah Hm made are good". When mom made when for my younger cousins in Singapore, I was "boo boo"ed when I attempted to help myself to those buns. Mom said "I'll make some for you when you get home. Leave these to your brother and cousins".

So when she bought sweet potatoes back the other day, she decided teach me how to make buns out of it. Smart woman :P I can make buns for her now so she doesn't have to make it for me.

Hopefully when I make some next time, it won't turn out to be a failure again.

Sweet potato bun steamed.

Sweet potato bun baked.

Plain sweet potato buns.

Sweet potato buns with vegetable fillings.

- 1 kg plain flour
- 3 to 4 medium sized sweet potatoes
- 250g sugar
- 1 tsp of salt
- 12g dry/instant yeast
- 600ml warm milk

1. Boil sweet potatoes until soft. Remove the skin and smash it up.
2. Melt sugar in hot milk. Make sure milk is warm (not hot, as it will kill the yeast) and stir in yeast. Put to rest until the mixture is foamy top. (Aprox 5 to 10 mins)
3. In a mixing bowl, add flour, salt, sweet potatoes together. Mix while adding the milk mixture slowly.
4. Knead until soft and smooth. Let the dough to rise until double the size. To speed up the rising process, place the dough in a pot and close the lid. Place is a warmer location.
5. When ready, cover hands with flour and shape balls from the dough. Place the balls on squared baking paper.
6. Bake for 10 minutes at 220C or steam for 10 minutes.

The dough should not turn out too dry. The dough should be sticky to the hands to make softer and moist buns. Over your hands with flour to make the shaping of the balls easier. You should also mix liquids in step 3 only. Adding water in the dough at the final stages will make the bun tighter and hard.

If you prefer drier buns, bake them. Steam the dough for moist buns. You can apply egg wash or milk to the dough for baking to have a nicer looking skin for the buns. I didn't put any for mine because it was for my stomach only hehehe. I'll make prettier buns if I'm giving them away. If your buns burst out during baking or steaming, that means you have used too much yeast.

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12 pieces of worms:


suddenly i feel like eating my computer screen. bad idea to surf onto your site while im still here. :(


wen: hahahah got a microwave there? let me come up with a recipe for you... try it out and then i can post it here!


yeah of course got microwave


Oh yum! I love sweet potatoes and these look delish! I'll definitely try to make them *saves recipe* :9


Chokorate: Have fun making them =)


Hi, I'm new to making bread and buns. Would love to try this one but dunno need to cover in a pot for how long. An hour for it to double in size? Let me know. Thanks!


Quinn: It depends actually. If its hot, it takes a shorter time. Cover it with a towel until double the size. An hour will be ok too.


Hi, thanks for the prompt reply. One last question,how much is 3 to 4 medium sized sweet potatoes? Shall I say around 250g?


Quinn: hmmmm I think a 100g dough will give u a bun about the size of a fist. 250g for 4 buns will come out quite small.


How much sweet potatoes do you suggest I put in? I really have no idea. And I'm situated in Australia now so medium sized potatoes might vary in sizes. Help me out....maybe one medium size sweet potato is about one large human palm?


quinn: hmm yup about there.


Hi! I've made some of these and they were delicious. I used milk custard bun filling and it was a great hit. Thanks for the recipe again! I've linked your page from my blog. I hope you do not mind!

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