Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Tofu Fah...Tau Cheong Sui

Soya milk and tofu fah was never my kind of dessert in the pass. I used to hate soya products for god knows what reason. Some how, loving tasting all sorts of food made me neutral to soya made food stuff. Now, I even enjoy soya bean milk and vegetarian food stuff made from soya.

Jollibean, a soya bean retail outlet in Singapore started the whole "teckiee takes soya bean again". I realised that soya bean milk in Singapore taste better. I'm not sure if it's the beans they use or the way they make it.

I think Singaporeans uses better grade soya beans and mix less water to it. Jollibean is only one out of the many soya bean retail outlets that sells good soya bean milk.

In Malaysia, road side trucks selling "Tofu Fah...Tau Cheong Sui" is commonly found. This one is located opposite Damansara Uptown Tower 5.

Tau Cheong Sui mean soya bean milk.

I bought Tofu Fah from this stall and.... I really don't know how to tell if a bowl of Tofu Fah is good or not. All taste the same and all texture is smoother that a baby's bumb. I bought mine with dark sugar syrup.

Some people like to just eat it in big clumps, but I like to break mine into tiny pieces. If you are wondering how Tofu Fah is made, well, I'm not really sure but it is a mixture of soya bean milk, sugar and some other powdered ingredient to stagnant the soya bean milk. The powder will curd up the milk making it to a smooth Tofu Fah.

There is a Tofu Fah, Tau Cheong Sui truck out Damansara Jaya's Atria that my parents like to visit. The guy selling Tofu Fah have started his business from a motorcycle and when business started to grow big about 10 years ago, he bought a truck.

He taught me how to enjoy Tofu Fah and Tau Cheong Sui together actually. I was given a bowl of really hot Tofu Fah with white sugar syrup (like the one in the picture above) once and I burnt my tongue eating it. He took back my bowl and mixed my Tofu Fah with cool Tau Cheong Sui. Very nice!

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Mmmmmm... looks good!
My favourite Tau foo fah is still the one sold by the (for the lack of a better word) fat guy and his parents at the SS2 pasar malam.

It's very smooth with a hint of ginger in it - yum!


My favourite is to mix 30/70 of tou foo fah and tau cheong sui together repectively. *sluuuurp*

Great during hot sunny day.




That the same van that i used to patron when I was expecting my first child. Must eat his tau foo fah or else can die lidat.


j: AHHHh yes yes! Monday pasar malam! I noticed that his tofu fah smoother one hor

kimmysia: You know ah.. some sellers very kiam siap. There was his guy who wanted to charge me 50 cents extra to mix the soya bean milk.

Tummythoz: I wonder if banana tofu fah will be nice

hijackqueen: He got give u discount or not? hehe


teckiee you working in uptown?
btw, the tofu fah car (the first one) is opposite uptown 3 la :P ...


jinroh: Eh not uptown 3 ah? heheh i forgot liua. It's around the corner of the road... not sure which building id that.

Not working there...was there for a training.


teckiee, i've posted the details of the Merdeka Open House 2006. thanks in advance and i'm looking forward to your participation ;-)


babe_kl: hiak!!! i know what to cook already.. but like the theme, lost in the years of hand me down recipies.. got to get my mom to teach me.



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