Sunday, September 03, 2006



Am I going to use this brand of flour again?


MFM self raising flour. At first glance the package looks normal... but look again.

There's a bug dangling off the edge of the flour package. The bug didn't fly in and die there. Impossible. Because I have not open the package!

EEk!!! What if other packages of flour have bugs or the eggs, or the cocoons? AHHHHHH! REAL BUGS!

I tried calling their distributor to complain but guess what... out of the 8 times I called... none were answered! I went back to the supermarket to swap another packet. But am I going to buy that brand again? Eeee I don't think so. I'll stick to BlueKey or buy my flour from the baking shop.

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5 pieces of worms:

スロ / Bernat

Eeeek!! Don't even think of buying this brand again!!!


got free gift one..?


bernat: I might actually....if I ever wanted to debug....HAHAHHAHA (I know you'll get the joke)

sengkor: Got one get one bug free! LOL! BlueKey have a mini leaflet with 4 reciepe in it tho.


arghh...i think i bought a packet of this brand before, not sure as i threw the box away. no quality control!


rokh: yeah... i'm buying bluekey these days

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