Sunday, September 10, 2006

Chinese style dipping sauce

It's so boring to have the same ol' same ol' dipping sauces for white boiled or steam chicken "Pak Cham Kai". For the usually chicken rice, we get the soya sauce mixture and the lime chilly. The Hakka's have their own style sauce of garlic and ginger. Some like them raw, some fry them in oil.

My aunty in Pangkor however makes a special sourish dipping sauce with what she calls "Hong Mou Yin Sai" which translates English Parsley. The leaf smells a lot like parsley but stronger. The leafs are lanky and a little thorny.

- 5 table spoons of lime juice
- few pieces of "Hong Moh Yin Sai"
- 3 cloves of garlic
- sugar
- soya sauce

1. Wash and chop the leafs. (You can also use the food processor)
2. Chop the garlic and slice the chili padi. Add to the chopped leafs.
3. Add soya sauce and lime juice and stir.
4. Add sugar pinch by pinch (stir to melt the sugar) to bring down the sourness if too sour.

I don't see this leaf sold in supermarkets though. So sometimes giving my friends the recipe is very difficult. In the end, I came up with my own type of sauce using vegetable plants. This goes well with chicken and fish too. I baked a fish fillet covered with this sauce and topped it up with slices of spring onions and lemon.

- coriander
- parsley
- mint
- fern
- salted fish
- olive oil

1. Fry salted fish until crispy in olive oil. Let cool and smash up the fish. Put aside.
2. Chop up coriander, parsley and fern together with the stem.
3. Stir in the salted fish and add more olive oil until enough to soak the vegetables.
4. Stir and taste, add fine salt pinch by pinch if not salty enough.
5. Add a few drops of sesame oil before serving for fragrance.

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