Friday, September 01, 2006

Claypot Chicken Rice

Nyahahahah don't the clay pot chicken rice looks good? But looks can be decving because the bottom part of the rice is all burnt. Hehehe.

My mom made the rice with a non stick clay pot that my dad bought not so recently. She fired the rice with thick sweet soya sauce and light soya sauce and all the other fragrant stuff like garlic, fired shallots and sesame oil. The rice is then transferred into the claypot and mixed with marinated chicken and sliced Chinese sausages "lap cheong". My mom let the pot on the stove and asked me to turn it off at a certain time.

I however, had a little of a hearing problem. Or ... there was a miscommunication. I turned off the gas way too late and could actually smell the burnt smell.

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6 pieces of worms:

Rasa Malaysia

Hey there,

Did you out stinky salted fish in this dish.


bee yinn: Didn't put all the last ingredients cos the rice was already burnt. But before serving, you can mix fry some stinky? salted fish and smash them up, mix it with the rice along with spring onions. Pour 1 tsp of rice wine and close the lid for about 30 sec before serving.


the yellowish spots on top are eggs??


babe_kl: yups


But I thought clay pot rice is meant to burnt at the bottom?


hijackqueen: yeah a bit burnt, but mine was like all burnt smell and only the top layer not burnt... the middle part all dry and awful weird adi. I kena marah like mad only ..

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