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Day 2: Angkor Food Heaven

Note: This is a map of the Siem Reap town and map of Angkor temples area for easier reference of the places I'm talking about.

Since LF and I wanted to catch the sunrise at Angkor Wat, we had to wake up super early. We took breakfast after the sunrise (that hind behind the clouds :( booboo) at a stall recommended by out tuk-tuk driver. Yes... the same tuk-tuk driver that dumped us the day before.

The stall sucks! The first corner stall at the entrance of Bayon Temple area.

Over priced USD2.50 vegetable chicken noodle breakfast in a not so nice environment. I really don't like that tuk-tuk driver. MSG filled soup with Maggie style noodles. At least the chicken tasted tender.

We know better not to listen to him and let him bring up to another "clean delicious restaurant". Let me tell you the truth about road side stalls in Siem Reap and Angkor Temple areas. Yes they are dirty to a certain extend. Yup, I saw a but of flies. Yup, the road was dusty. But dirty no water supply mamak food also like that la. Fried banana and cekodok and the yummy indian rojak and cendol also dusty at the road side.

I can't tell you to eat or not but all I can say is Eat First Think Later because you don't know what your are missing out. Keep an open mind when it comes to tasting food. Now back to my review.

We ate lunch at all the stalls in front of the Angkor Wat area. A must place to go for food! Note: USD1 = 4000 riel

Super super delicious! This is smashed up sweet potato shaped in a flat rounded cake. The cake is then BBQed on both sides until it is dry and crispy. The sweet potato is still moist and really nice on the inside. 500 riel per piece.

I bought this BBQ pulut (glutinous rice) with banana for 1000 riel.

The rice is really good, very fragrant and have a super glutinous rice texture. When heated the banana soften and the sweetness soaked into the rice. Overall tasted ok, nothing special. LF didn't like it though, she said that their banana was a little different.

From the left are hard boiled eggs in a stick. Kind of a cute way of selling chicken eggs. The two other basin contains some kind of shellfish. The one in the middle is some thing like super mini escargots, the one at the end is a larger version but still smaller than the average escargots. They sell these in cups, 1 cup for 2000 riel. They taste ok, like escargots but the smaller once really have little flesh to bite. You can eat them by picking out the flesh with a toothpick. I was given a chili dipping sauce with it but the sauce was really diluted.

Ahhh really sweet mini chili crab. You can't eat the shell but the crab meat taste really fresh and sweet. I forgot how much one cost.

In Philippines, they call this "balut", but in Cambodia, this is called poriteh koun. This duck egg is no normal egg. This is actually boiled duck embryo. 1000 riel.

You will need to crack a hole in the egg first, suck all the sweet juice out from the egg. Squeeze lime into the egg and start peeling the skin off and eat. You can also dip a little of the salt and pepper mixture that they will provide. Actually, there's really nothing special about the duck embryo after the juice or sucked out. The egg tasted bland, not fragrant at all. The texture is the same, smooth. You can really try to feel the feather that is developing.. but cannot la. And of course, eat with an open mind. Don't show and feel the "EEEKKYEARR" face before you take a bite.

Ahh this like our pasar malam "queh kak" style of frying their "lou chi fun + laksa noodles" fried noodle. The noodles are pre-fried and put a side. When I ordered a plate, the lady took some noodles out and fry it with bean sprout, "kau choy", garlic, and duck egg. USD1.

The noodle did not come out as nice as expected. Not fragrant enough even with the duck egg. But the chili that was on the table was superb. Sweet, sour and salty. Later I found out that I could have actually ask the lady to add the chili while she is frying.

Highlights for the day is the BBQ pork lean meat and ribs. EXECELENT! MUST TRY! Juicy succulent perfect piece of BBQ pork.

I bought one stick of pork for USD1. Not sure how much the rest of the BBQ stuff cost but the stalls in front of Angkor Wat also BBQs fish, beef, cow testicals?, toads, duck feet, whole pigeon and a whole chicken. I think I saw pig liver too.

After lunch, me and LF wanted to head into Angkor again for our visit but it started to pour really heavy. We ended up at another shop for shade. While waiting... we ate again :P

Initially LF didn't want to eat this dish because I thought I saw the lady pounding a spider in the mixture. Later when I asked, I realized that it was just crab legs. So, papaya crab kerabu, which is called "???" in Cambodia. The kerabu had raw shredded papaya, basil, lime, long beans, lotus roots and Prahok. Prahok looks kind of disgusting, grey in colour like sand mud, fermented fish and prawn mixture. 2000 riel.

We saw this "Yau Char Queh" stall later on ...want to try but we were too full. So...

Ta pau! They call "Yau Char Queh" "hing'" in Cambodia. 200 riel per piece.
Middle: The puff looking piece is just like Malaysian curry puff pastry stuffed with sweeten coconut. Nothing special.
Bottom right: The star piece is a deep fried flour mixture that have the similar texture to the "Mah Keok Yau Char Queh", nice.
Top ring: The flat rectangle piece was the bomb! It is actually rice paper wrapped with stuffing and dipped into flour and deep fried. The stuff was delicious, with Sengkuang strips, grated coconut, spring onions and pepper.
Top left: The cute little pau like piece contains the same stuffing as the rectangle piece. The flour used is the same flour mixture used for the star piece.
Bottom left: The last round piece is actually fried flour stuffed with air. Crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.

LF got to know about this "Kro Klan" from a friend. Bamboo stuffed with glutinous rice. Initially we thought that the bamboo was with pulut and banana. I thought the red beans in the rice was flies! HAHAHAHA The pulut with red beans was mixed with grated coconut. Tasted ok, will taste better if they have added salt.

At the end of the day... we were stuffed. We enjoyed our "Yau Char Queh" aka "hing'" and pulut red beans in our room with a can of beer each =) LF tried Bayon Beer this time... the blend wasn't as sweet. I still prefer Angkor Beer.

We also had a local Cambodian coffee later at night. Very nice smell, tasted ok. It had more of the Western coffee small rather then the local Kopi-O smell. USD3.50 for 500grams. You can buy it from the manufacturer Mr.Chang (He's Hokkien and speaks Hokkien and Mandrine) at his shop factory almost at the T junction from Golden Temple Villa. There's another shop selling coffee nearer to Golden Temple Villa but the coffee wasn't good.

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7 pieces of worms:


salivating over the street food

Rasa Malaysia

Looks like you found some decent street food. The ones I encountered were fried bugs and roaches!


OMG, and you thinks the balut is nice??!!! I'm going to puke again!!! *urgh!!!!!


babe_kl: heheh a place i will definetly go again for food

rasa malaysia: hahahha ohh i saw that tooo ...wait for day 4's review

hijackqueen: keep an open mind before u eat ma.. the juice is nice lo.. but the egg nothing special lo.. didnt smell as frangrant as i tot.. i tot got eeally strong nice egg smell


I think I found another kaki for good ol street food ( d original ). Cheers !


The balut sold in the Philippines is nice. Eaten with a little rock salt.


tonixe: hehehe but i ate a lot.. put on also a lot

bayi: i heard that restaurant have balut dishes in Philippines ... must go there one day

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