Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Ham Sandwich

I was really hungry... so I made a double cheese double ham sandwish for myself. MUAHAHA!

Spread a thin layer of garlic spread (normal butter or margerine will also do). Added grounded black pepper.

Addes slices of toamtos. I didn't add any lettus tho... my sandwish lack vegetables.

Added cheeseeeeee.

Added ham and cheese.

And ham again!

A little tip on the cheese and ham selection. You can use different types of cheese for more taste to the sandwish. But becareful with the salted and not salted cheese. If you are using ham that is salty, use plain unsalted cheese. If both ham and cheese are not salted, you can sprinkle some fine salt on the bread after adding the black pepper.

You can also try using bacon... I'm betting it will taste even better because of the fragrant the fried bacon will give. I used pineapple ham (salty) for this sandwish, tasted really good.

I then added some mustard on my other piece of bread before I sandwish them up. I wanted add mayonese but I forgot hehehe.

Viola! *burb*

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5 pieces of worms:


i can literally taste that sandwish by just looking at the pics.. yummy!


wow.....the ham looks so yummy. WHat kind of bread u use?


sengkor: hehehe...im making myself hungry too

jackson: Pineapple ham...very very yummy! I used normal sandwich bread. Will taste good with hard loaf bread too!


v nice n neat, my kind of snack in the pub ! can hold all in left hand !



tonix: lol, left hand on a yummu sandwish, right holding a beautiful lady? hehe

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