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Don’t know how long it took me to sample all the ice cream…. And don’t ask how much I spent…. And ….don’t don’t ask how much weigh I gained… cos eat first think later.

Lecka Lecka's ice cream is full of fruits. From lemon ice cream to avocado to sour sop! Their ice cream is smooth and packed. The overall taste is usually ok.

New Zealand Natural also uses fruits as their ice cream team. Compared to Lecka Lecka, I find their ice cream a little bland. Lecka Lecka's ice cream texture is also smoother.

Now tell me who doesn't like Haagen Dazs? Haagen Dazs's ice cream is usually very thick and compacted. You can be sure to taste a really rich ice cream from Haagen Dazs. I realized one thing though, the Haagen Dazs pint I buy at the supermarket usually is richer and more compact. I wonder if the Haagen Dazs outlets are holding back on the quality and quantity of the ingredients.

Baskin Robins! It's always Baskin's Run N Raisins for me!!! Baskin's ice cream are usually sweeter compared to Haagen Dazs, but they are equal when it comes to flavor. Baskin however have airier texture to their ice cream.

Cornetto Royale, Black Forest Magic. Okay... the advertisement for this ice cream is totally not like what you get in the real thing. Then again, all advertisement are always like that.

The inside of the Cornetto Royale doesn't have that much syrup in it. Very disappointing when compared to the image they have on the advertisement. I think there's like less than a table spoon of the red berry syrup in it :(

Cornetto Mocha Latte. On the first bite the ice cream taste not bad. But the more I indulged in it.. the mocha taste was hardly there.

The ice cream tasted like any Cornetto ice cream. Just ice cream and sweetness. Or is it just my taste buds?

This should be one of the first Cornetto drumstick.

Classico is best for those who just like the plain ol plain ol smooth fine ice cream in a cone.

Wall’s black glutinous rice Ice Cream Potong. I totally fell in love with this ice cream. I used to buy coconut milk ice cream potong during my walks at the Taman Megah pasar malam.

Now with black glutinous rice inside, it adds texture and fragrance to it. A must try!

Magnum classic is my mom's all time favorite ice cream. I can see why.

The vanilla ice cream inside is smooth and milky. The thin layer of chocolate that wraps the ice cream has just the right thickness and taste.

Aiyor... I don't know what is Kit Kat doing. I got a feeling that they are running out of money or ideas. Coming up with all the different "Special Edition" Kit Kat flavors was ok... They are venturing into the ice cream market now?

Seriously, nothing special about the ice cream. I enjoyed the double chocolate ice cream by Walls even more.

I think they are just finding an alternative way to get rid of their rejected Kit Kat and getting some $ out of it. The Kit Kat was totally YUCKY and all SOFT and MUSHY. Some part of the waffle is now even fully covered by chocolate.

King's Spinner cone waffle ice cream is one of the cheapest ice cream around. RM0.99 cents a cone... how cheap can ice cream get?

The strawberry flavor is strong, but like Cornetto, the flavor just isn't there after a few lick of ice cream. The whole thing just taste sweet. Really sweet.

King's Spinner sweet corn flavor. I wonder if the sweet corn flavor is famous in American and European countries...

The texture of the King's Spinner ice cream is more icy compared to the Cornetto that is smooth. But satisfying kids who just want "ice cream is ice cream", King's Spinner is the ice cream for them. For people that don't like smooth ice cream, this is the ice cream for you.

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10 pieces of worms:


wow! Very comprehensive guide to ice cream in town.


boo_licious: i went a bit ice cream crazy

Rasa Malaysia

I miss Malaysian Nestle Drumstick...sooo good, can't find it here. ;)


haha, nice review of ice creams! You made me wanna do the same too. :P Another recommendation would be Gelatomio Italian Ice Cream which are located at Times Square second floor and One Utama New Wing. The ice cream comes everyday and I eat them everyday. Cause I was their ex-staff there. :P I love their "After Six", "Ciambella", "Chocolate Marshmallow", "Croccantino al Rum", "Hazelnut", "Watermelon", "Strawberry Yogurt", "Kalamansi", "Oreo and Cream"...oh my gosh, now only I realised I loved soo many flavors of their ice cream! :P


Bee Yinn: but there's so many other types of ice cream in the US!... we can swap ice cream thru fedex!! LOL

cookies_cream: Ahh they used to have one in KLCC, but closeshop already =( ..I like their ice cream with their waffles.


actually lecka lecka serves gelato and not ice-cream, hence cannot compared with the rest cos the texture is different :p

of all you've mentioned, my fave is NZ ice-cream. usually i prefer sorbet instead but these days i have to "share" with boiboi hahaha and he eats 3/4 of them!!!


the kitkat sticking out of the ice cream....kinda obscene.. :p
but whoever that designed that product should really get fired. what kinda imagination is that?

it's like sticking tim tams into an ice cream cone and calling it Tim Tams Drumstick...


have you tried wall's twister?
the one with pineapple flavour.
try it
it's only rm 1.00


i agree the kit kat ice cream is bad..


hantu!: Pineapple!!! wahh first time i heard of this flavor... will go try it!

vkeong: so expensive some more =(

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