Monday, September 18, 2006

Key Hiong Restaurant (Dim Sum)

Back when I was in secondary school, I used to train for track and field events I participate in. My dad trained with me in the mornings because it was dangerous for me to run alone. We used to wake up early and run from my home to Taman Megah, and do a circle and run back.

There was a time when I ran ahead... I ended up in Taman Megah first and got a little hungry.... so...

I waited for my dad and we had dim sum at Key Hiong. This restaurant have been open since a long time. They don't serve the "best" dim sum around but dim sum there taste above average. When people say "Come, lets go for dim sum" I will always say, "Ok, lets meet at Key Hiong".

They add new creations to their dim sum every now and then, so I have never got bored of eating dim sum there. They have already retained the originals that keeps me going back. And when I don't eat there, I always ta pau! (take away)

Now a days, my dad ta pau the Dai Pau, Char Siew Pau, Fishballs and Siew Mai for me and my sister when we sleep until the afternoons hehehe. These are a few of my favorites. More on that to come but let's focus on the yummiest pau. The Dai Pau.

I really didn't like Dai Paus back then. But when I tried the Dai Pau from Key Hiong, I keep insisting for Dai Pau over any pau. Of course, I only insist for Dai Pau in Key Hiong. And yeah, the Dai Pau is double... triple the size of the Char Siew Pau (hence the name Dai Pau, big pau) so it can be very filling.

The bun is really moist and soft and the inside is just nice. Most of the Dai Pau I have tasted else where are toooo dry on the inside. The Dai Pau is stuffed with a mixture of marinated lean pork, garlic, onions and half of a hard boiled egg.

The Dai Pau is a must to try!!! If not ta pau!

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8 pieces of worms:


D dai-pau nowadays have shrunked in size, dun u think? Sometimes, I can take 2 at a go!:p


It's been ages since I last eaten dim sums~! The dai pao looked nice~! I saw egg yolk! :D


you have reminded me to try out this place today, the one I have heard so much about !


thummythoz: yeahhh... but sometimes shy la.. ppl say I'm "dai sek" when i tell them I can eat more than one of those

cookies_cream: hehehhe have you eaten "Yip Che Mei Dai Pau" before? As big as a rice plate and they what a whole egg and drumbstick in it!!!! Crazy!

tonixe: Go for their loh mai fan and dai pau and siew mai and fried fishballs... a lot of ppl ta pau them


teckiee - Yeah, the yip chi mei dai pau from Connaught. I eaten it..just as I's been ages. Sob sob~ :'( Haha, when I was a little young I thought they are selling "ham sap" pau cause of the name. Dont' laugh at me! LOL


this is the place i go to all the time for dim sum breakfast, cause it is in my bf's home area. not too bad as i do not know other places in pj. hehe


my friends always go there for dim sum. that's bcos we like the fried stuff there. got the big 'bom'! but i din know abt the dai pao. will check it out!

that day i tried the dim sum in paramount. not bad also.


cookies_cream: actually.. that yip chi mei pau too big... the meat inside too dry lo.

rokh: best place for dim sum!

sca1lywag: actually... there's one dim sum shop in Paramount sells the same din sum also.. the shop owners are relatives. They wrap the dim sum and all together one.

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