Tuesday, September 26, 2006

My super big breakfast

I'm BACK!!! And I miss the food in Cambodia! I need a few days to sort things out before I can log everthing down. Boyyy this is going to be a tough job because I really ate a lot in Siem Reap.

To make reading easier, I will not post anything on my trip until I get it all typed out nicely... for now, enjoy the non Cambodia food I have to offer =P

My super big breakfast *BURBBBBB*

Two pieces of toast with orange jam and honey.

Two really yummy breakfast sausages bought from the non-halal section in Atria, Damansara Jaya's Giant. I get all my ham, bacon, sausages there always. I love their pineapple ham there! They usually have discount for Christmas with you buy the whole ham! Not sure how many kilograms though.

Vegetable mix of carrots, red capsicum, onions, potatoes, and vegetarian soya meat.

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6 pieces of worms:

Rasa Malaysia

Hey there,

Welcome back! I love Cambodian food too. It's not really Thai, and it's not really Vietnamese; sort of like Malaysian, not really this or that, but fanstastic food.

Did you try Amok? Did you have the tiny little river shrimps. Can't wait to read your complete report.


hmm never had cambodian food before. do u think kl hv such restaurant?


wow cambodia food. sounds interesting. can't wait!


I supposed you sapu the Knotts from cambodia hotel too ;). Welcome back


French baquette everywhere!


babe_kl: hm... i think got if we really find.

rokh: wait for day 2's review... day 4 is good too!

hijackqueen: i'm staying at a cheap guest house only.. got free banana tho hehehe

tummythoz: YEAH!!!! you know what... i ta pau back home! The french ham sandwish too!

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