Thursday, September 07, 2006

Nyonya stall in Atria, Damansara Utama

Is Nyonya food and Peranakan food the same? Nyonya and Peranakan is the same right? Or am I wrong? I'm confused.

There is a stall in Atria, Damansara Utama, at the old pharmacy area outside Giant that sells home made Nyonya Peranakan food. My parents bought rice and quih fromthe stall before and they said the food was really nice. Later that realised that the stall owner and chef is one of my family friend's mother.

I have no idea if the food is really that good, but I have tried their bubur cha cha before and I really like it. If all tong sui's, I really hate bubur cha cha for god know what reason. But after tasting their version of bubur cha cha, I think my perception is starting to change. According to the aunty chef, she uses all homemade and fresh ingredients. She even squeesed the fresh coconut milk for the bubur cha cha. Then again, this might be all talk.

...and the food isn't cheap.

All the tong sui are boiled at her home and kept in a food warmer.

Fresh homemade otak-otak. Not like the fakey sattay fish paste Muar otak-otak sold in the pasar malam.

Someone was actually eating one of the durian cakes sold in the stall and boyyyy the cake smells good. I could really smell the durian. Kind of reminds me of the durian cakes I baked last durian season.

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Rasa Malaysia

Yes, Nyonya Food and Peranakan food is the same. They use the word Peranakan more in Melaka I believe. Up in Penang, we always refer it as Nyonya Food.


bee yinn: OHHH no wonder the Singapore guy was blur when I said Nyonya, and not Peranakan


of all tong suis, i only like bubur cha cha. i refused to eat anything else especially those with "beans". =D


wen: actually i really hate hong tau sar... but when mixed with the black glutinous rice... quite nice lo

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