Sunday, September 17, 2006

Pan Sandwich

You know.. I felt kind of lame after doing this. I mean I could have used the toaster, so much easier. I guess I was the "itchy hand" kind of person and want to do things the hard way.
It started off with me wanting to make my bread crispy. I spread butter on both sides of my bread and flip in on my hot pan. While waiting for my bread to get crispy, my itchy hands got an eggs and beat it up. I then soaked the bread in the egg and continue "toasting".

The whole toasting thing sounded boring to my taste buds. So I ended up spreading peanut butter on the crispy buttered egg bread. Yummmm the peanut butter melted because of the heat.

I continued "toasting" my other half of the bread with the butter, egg and peanut butter. But this time, I added slices of banana on to it. It's like making a sandwich but on a pan. Ohh and I added cheese as well. The cheese melted all over the banana. Slurp!

When the two pieces of bread was put together, I got this. wahahaha! *drools* Poured some maple syrup to top it off.

In the end, looks great but the taste... normal la. I don't think I will do this again. This is why.

- Cheese and banana is just ok together. Banana with chocolate complement each other better. And cheese goes better with meat.
- I can't really taste the egg in the bread. Either use a lot of egg (or egg yoke because the yoke gives out the fragrant), or none at all.
- I still prefer the sandwich toasties compared to this.

Having tasted the just so so pan sandwich. I made another with chocolate and banana! HAHAHAHA!

I used unsweetened chocolate chips, and chopped white chocolate chopped and thin slices of banana.

Went though the same butter, bread, pan process and topped it with syrup.

Jeng jeng jeng jegggg. Black, white and yellow sandwich! Suitable for all regions! HAHAHAHA okok I'll cut it out with the lame jokes…. Sorry if I offended anyone… I wasn’t being racist and banging on skin color.

I’m banana by the way :p Yellow outside, white on the inside… if you get what I mean ehehehe.

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4 pieces of worms:


OMG - Those sandwiches look so sinful!
(Especially the first one which is drenched in maple syrup....)


Sugar overload!


i still prefer my bread with simple ham or (and) bacon..


j: hehehehe... the syrup didnt soak the bread tho.. the layer of egg was preventing it

loong: me = sweet tooth. Tho I have really gained a lot of weight :P

sengkor: hm.. that reminds me, i still pineapple ham in my freezer

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