Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Red Bean Pulut Hitam Tong Sui

Wen won't like the beanssss.

If you ask me what I hated the most three years ago, I would answer "TONG SUI"!!! Especially RED BEAN! Yuck pui pui pui.

But I have no idea what I started enjoying tong sui. It started with the "Fan Sang Woo" Blended Peanut Thick Milk desert. Then slowly to "Pulut Hitam" black glutinous rice desert. Red bean is still not my first choice of Tong Sui but I do take it of that's the only option.

Red bean tong sui is called "Hong Tau Sar" in Cantonese. Hong Tau means red bean. Sar means sand. If you go like "Sand?...huh huh? Why sand? This is because when boiled long enough, the boiled red bean will break down and water it is boiled in will have a sandy texture. I used to hate Hong Tau Sar because of this. My mom usually boil Hong Tau Sar with Hak Loh Mai, that means dark (Hak) glutinous rice (Loh Mai). The Hak Loh Mai if boiled for long have a less sandy texture. The rice will turn to something like the barley, but nicer with chewed. Mixing both of them together will made the Tong Sui have a smooth but slightly sandy texture at the bottom.

To really bring out the flavor, do not use normal white sugar with the Tong Sui but used "Pin Tong", sliced sugar blocks. You can also add knotted Pandan leafs while boiling the Tong Sui to give it a little but more fragrant. For those who like more flavor in the Hong Tau Sar, add dried Mandarin orange skin while boiling. This will add a little citrus smell and taste to the Tong Sui. Not everyone like the citrus taste though.

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5 pieces of worms:


I like d addition of dried mandarin pieces but not d loh-mai. D latter darkens d dessert colour, rite? Dun look appetising to me. I luv fah-sang-wu but good ones r hard to come by. :(


tummythoz: yup.. the hak loh mai smooth the texture but gives a darker color. I like the pure hak loh mai more actually. Hm... one old uncle sells good fah sang wu in SS3 pasar malam actually. On a motor bike one... but dunno still there or not.. haven seen him a round for quite some time liua.


It's also great if you add some fresh ginger when boiling - not traditional, but a nice change.


does it taste so much different between adding normal white sugar instead of `Pin Tong' in the tong sui?? I wonder those tong sui shops use `pin tong', quite costly...


anonymous: thanks for the tip...but if boil too long with the ginger...will the tong sui get too hot?

snowie: Taste the same, but the smell is a little different. Not too sure about tong sui shops, maybe they mix or use other ingredients to make the tong sui fragrant... but if you cook at home, sure put good stuff right? ;)

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