Tuesday, October 17, 2006

ABC sandwich

What do you do when you have a big pot of ABC soup leftover? ...wait.. not the soup, but all the carrots, potatoes, onions and chicken in the soup...

I smashed mine all up and shredded the chicken, added pepper and some mayonnaise and ta daa!

ABC sandwich

Sometimes I like to add pepper and soya sauce and refrigerate it. It comes out all cold and smashed potatoes like.. yummy!

Hm but you know what, don't do this often. All the nutrients are already gone with the soup... but for fibre.. works well... wait.. fibre in chicken and potatoes... errrr

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8 pieces of worms:


so clever, I'll take this together with my beer and think later,I love great simple sanwiches like this !

I have included you in my links, together we can light up the backstreets, OK ! tks.


yikes... i never thought something like this could be done :P


how ingenious!!! i usually mash the potatoes and carrots but not wid the meat then eat like sandwich hohoho


Like that oso can (0.o)? My cooking lesson for the day. Thx.


but the meat oredi tasteless.. nvm, i try someday.. (but it looks yucky though..)


I bet it tastes better than it looks.


toniXe: ahhhh ok linked you too! I want a beer too!

wyejon: grandma said always throw throw away the 'char' very 'chit tor' ...so make it like that lo

babe_kl: actually hor... u make it drier, cover it with bread crumbs then pan fry it.. come out to be like potato carrot chicken cakes.. the kids love it!

tummythoz: hehehe let me know if you try it... i dunoo if other ppl will like the taste

sengkor: yeahh, that's y need the soya sauce and pepper. HAHAHHA true.. looks gross actually

loong: taste good!! Actually eat cold like potato salad very nice!


wah terror lah you

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