Thursday, October 19, 2006

Baked pasta with bread

My mom bought a whole big bag of tomatoes again the other day so I decided to make spaghetti sauce from scratch again.

With all the tomatoes, I made a really huge pot... kept the left over in the fridge for this.

So.. I baked pasta with bread.

Put a few tablespoon of sauce at the base of a bake dish first. This is to make sure that pasta won't stick to the bottom when baked.

Put your pasta, cheese and fresh basil leafs. I didn't manage to get fresh mint in the market so I only used basil this time. And since I only have sandwich cheddar cheese left in the fridge, ...I used that instead of mozzarella.

Covered the mint leafs with sauce so basil fragrant will sip in to the sauce with baked. And of course, more cheese!

I added bread on top. And more basil. It's even a better idea to use toasted bread. The crispiness will give more texture to the dish.

I have it another layer of sauce because I want the sauce to sip into the bread. And more basil.

Ta da!

Very delicious!

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3 pieces of worms:


wahseh this is creativity at its best!


*Blurp*. Just reading abt adding ano bread then more sauce followed by more cheese & on & on together with those pix, feel full edi. TQ for d 'meal'!


babe_kl : heheheh more more to come

tummythoz: if u use toasted bread even nicer!

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