Thursday, October 26, 2006

Century egg

Preserved egg, century egg, pei dan... whatever you call it, it's still that weird disgusting gothic looking egg. But I totally love it! The egg white (that is not white at all) has a rubbery gel like texture and looks like brown coloured glass. The yoke is purple, very purple, taste very uniquely sweet and... I just don't really know how to describe it.

My aunt bought a few boxes of century eggs from Singapore last week. Not sure why, but isn't century eggs all the same? According to her, this type of century egg is more expensive as the way they preserved is different. You can tell when you slice open the egg and take a look at the yoke. I'll never pass on this egg while eating lok-lok. Some lok-lok stalls sell the preserved pigeon eggs. I actually find those nicer as the egg white part has a harder texture.

The eggs are covered with mud and rice husk. This layer is actually quite difficult to remove. The one I usually find in the pasar malan come with a waxed later wrapped in papper. Those are much easier to break.

I usually like to look for "fireworks" on the egg before I eat. They look kind if cool don't you think? Initially I thought that the "fireworks" meant that the egg can't be eat, some fungus growing on it already or something. But after the years of loving egg, I found out that the "fireworks" is commonly found and is due to the preserving process.

The egg can be eaten just like that. For those who can't stand the pungent smell, it goes really well with pickled ginger. Nice having the eggs with porridge too!

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11 pieces of worms:


I like stinky eggs too but I prefer to eat them with maggie chilli sauce, no ginger.

But I only prefer those made using duck eggs. Nowadays they are made using chicken eggs, yucks. Don't quite like the taste, not as good as the duck eggs.


I lurv century eggs


shadowfox: yeahh actually now that you said it, duck century eggs does taste better

praveen: me too! but when i tell that y mom, she always says "high colestrol you know?!" =(


that's what my mom says too. but i still eat of all 'em when we order it! eat first die later mar,...i mean, think later. :D




I never like's disgusting...yaiks


definately great taste , in the same class as Guiness !


Came here from tonixe's site. I love pei dan. But don't like ginger. I eat them just like that on it's own or with porridge. There's duck pei dan and pigeon pei dan that I know of. Any other sort?


chris: hehehe nice la :P

tonixe: you know, now that you have mentioned, the chicken egg century egg yoke do have some gassy alcoholic taste to it. Dont you think?

wmw: hm... duck, chicken, pigeon... i haven come across other pei tan before


he he he u r right, both are pitch black and .... u got it ... STRONG !


This doesn't look very expensive. The better quality ones actually have a more watery yoke. It spills out a bit when you cut it.

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