Friday, October 13, 2006

Char tong fun, SS2 Selera Malam

One day, ...or many days, when you just feel too lazy to cook and think of what to eat, it's always a good idea to head to SS2 Selera Malam. Everything yummy under one roof.

Stall 15 is located on the left side of the Selera Malan if you enter using the entrance facing McDonalds. Their char tong fun and char queh teow is #1

There is no other place that serves good char tong fun than this stall. The tong fun is individually fried and served on a plate with banana leafs. The aroma is just wonderful, taste is superb, not too sweet, not too salty and not to wet or dry. And can you see those big prawns?

Stall 12 is located one stall away. The owner used to sell his curry mee in a coffee shop in PJ Old town. He had to move here when the owner of the coffee shop decided she made enough money.

His curry mee is ok. Not perfect, but tasted above average.

The drink stall separate this two stalls.

Lin Chee Kang tastes ok.

Winter melon drink sucked.

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6 pieces of worms:


Fried tong fun, looked soo yummylicious! It's like ordering pan mien but instead of those pan mien noodles put "Yee mee". :) So there it goes, char kueh teow but put tong fun. Nice nice~


yeah this place has quite some good items. I remember the MeeKee pau and the red wine chicken mee soup last time. Where r they now ? Infact it was 'd place' in those days !

But I think they have lost some crowd to Ming Tien nearby right ?


cookie_cream: LOL! hahahhahah pan mien noodles put "Yee mee"

tonixe: yeahh used to be super pack before ming tien...but i think they lost to a lot of the mamaks


i lurve the tong fun here too. oh yeah hor do they still have the red wine chicken noodle there??


babe_kl: i dont think its there... then again im not too sure


Oh, my fave tong fun is from another stall. Am going to be blogging about that soon, took pictures a few days ago. Maybe I should try the stall you recommended to compare. Thanks for the tip!

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