Saturday, October 21, 2006

Curry puff

I really didn't know there's a stall selling really good curry puff at the pasar malam (night parket) near my place! My dad went to the pasar malam early the other day (at about late 5) and manage to buy the curry puff. It seems that we anyone goes any later, the curry puff will be all sold out.

...I can't believe that for all this years I have been visiting the pasar malan... I didn't even know about the curry puff!

Seriously, this is the best curry puff I have ever tasted. The pastry is crisp and not too loose, and they have added some spice to it to make it taste really wonderful! The inside is filled with chicken and potatoes and I really mean filled. A lot of curry puffs are only filled with air... but not this one!

And you know what? ... It's only 70 cents for a big juicy yummy puff!!!!

Oh... Wednesday pasar malam in SS4C area.

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8 pieces of worms:


I have always believed that some of the best foods can be found in pasar malams including some backlanes !

but quite hard to find good curry puffs, most have no puffs at all.

ok section4 here I come !

Rasa Malaysia

I haven't had Curry Puffs for the longest time, and this past trip when I was home...I had like 4 in one time. I almost forgot how great they taste!


I have a craving for kuih muih (hari raya festive season as well) so I went out and bought some curry puffs and had egg in the filing. I find this quite humorous. Miss the curry puffs in Malaysia and would definitely dive into the kuih muih the next trip when I go home....Thanks for sharing!


tonixe: SS4C is not near Section 4.... 2 diff place yah :)

Rasa Malaysia: you got to try those "expensive" curry puff. Old Chang Kee is one of them. You can find them at 1Utama. Very famous in Singapore too.

littlenoodle: I microwaved a huge currypuff with an egg before and guess what... my whole puff explode.


teckiee: i hope it did not cause a mess inside your oven or explode your kitchen :)

i find that when egg is include, it has been adapted by europeans.


littlenoodle: i notice that the eggyoke make the filling a little creamy... very jelak/jhai after eating it


teckiee: the egg inside my puffs are hard boiled...i find it very westernise when the egg is added.


littlenoodle: hehehe mine was too, but i think my egg yoke got too over cook, then you know it becomes kind of sandy.. then mix with the other stuffing... become geli creamy. Original curry puff actually only potato and chicken? I think the chinese put the egg in instead of the ang moh's...i think they'll have cheese curry puff LOL

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