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Day 3: Sweet cakes disaster

Note: This is a map of the Siem Reap town for easier reference of the places I'm talking about.

We used our free breakfast coupon on this morning since we didn't have to catch any sun.

Coffee was sourish. The first time I drank coffee from beans, it tasted similar, except there was coffee fragrance first, then the sourish taste in the end. This coffee tasted sourish almost all the way. I have no idea what is good coffee... but I didn't like this coffee at all.

Ham and cheese omelet. A lot of cheese, a lot of ham, egg, and salt. Nice. French bread was hard crispy on the outside, soft moist on the inside. Nice. One thing I noticed about the French bread is that somehow it does not have the wheat natural sweetness. Is it the flour they used?

"Chinese omelet"... is just egg, salt and pepper. Cheh, I thought what some more.

Ohhh moon cake. This is from a Chinese bakery in Siem Reap called Apsara Bakery. This is not the bakery itself but just a stall distributing the moon cakes. The bakery itself is located on the East side of Route 6.

We bought the Kam Tui type of moon cake which contains mixed nuts and pork. The mooncake sucks, doesn't taste good at all, but the piece of pork in it was superb! And don’t you think eating Kam Tui and egg yoke is kind of weird eating. Kam Tui in sold in Malaysia do not have the yoke, and most use bacon instead of the whole lean pork meat. I kind of forgot how much I paid for it but it was slightly cheaper compared to Malaysia... but YUCKY

We went to the Central (New) market but nothing interesting there so we walked over to the more interesting Old Market and guess what I came across?

Worms! 2000 riel a cup that is so darn worth. They actually tasted really good! Don't imagine slimy but imagine steam kacang kuda with crunchy skin with a superb natural sweetness. I was really full after eating half a cup. Worms can be high in protein, but really fattening at the same time.

We walk around and came across this lok-lok like stall.

We picked out a piece each and the lady fried the pieces for us. The sausage was disappointing. Too soft. The fish cake like stuff tasted ok.

She also had a few vegetables to deep fry. One was green capsicum filled with a thin layer of fish paste. I also tried the long beans wrapped with fish paste. Both vegetable pieces were really good.

I also had the fried French bread. The bread was spread with a thin later of fish paste before it is deep fried. Very nice. 200 riel per piece.

We drank a lot of tea and soya bean at this stall. 300 riel for a small pack... and i think I drank 3 packs in an hour. The tea was ok, but not to my liking because the sugar they used smelt a little different. I'm not used to their palm sugar smell. The soya bean was better because the thick soya fragrance covered the palm sugar smell.

We left the old market quite quickly because we still had some visiting to do. After visitng some more local temples, we headed to Psar Samaki which was a disappointment because most of the stalls there were closed. My tuk-tuk driver then told us to come back on Monday as most of the stalls will close for the weekend.

The normal vegetable and fruits stalls were open but by noon, most of the food stuff are sold and people start turning the market into a gambling center.

Disappointed, we stopped at a Apsara Bakery to check what pastry they had to offer. I came across the black sesame seed biscuit and groundnut biscuit. We have better tasting ones in Malaysia. 1000 riel for this bag.

We also bought some sweet cakes from the shop to enjoy later in our room. The dragon fruit was 1000 riel that LF bought from the Old Market. It wasn't the red flesh type but still tasted sweet. The sweet cakes were bad. The yellow one was some banana flavored flour cake. Sesame seed one was ok. The cake was also sweet but they used a different mix of flour, very chewy. The last pastry was also not nice. The outer layer was like Chinese pastry, the inside was kind of like sweeten smashed potato fried with oil. I didn't like all of them at all. All for 1500 riel. I think the bakery really sucks.

Anyway, while waiting for bats to fly off hunting in front of the Royal Independence Garden, we caught a moving food stall about 100 meters away. Hehehe and of course we hurried over to check it out.

Roti canai stall! The Cambodians call them Roti too.

There's not much difference with the roti canai in Malaysia. They used the same type of flour, crack an egg, but only use the yoke, get the roti done with some margarine and then drizzle some condensed milk over the roti and roll it up. Tasted good! 1000 riel.

We decided that we want to try out pork burger (because we can't get it in Malaysia) so we headed to Express petrol station that have a fast food outlet in it.

The pork burger set turned out depressing. The coke lost all it's gassyness, the pork burger was a little dry. LF didn't really like it because she says it smelt like leftover meat. The fries were really good though. USD2.95

The "fried noodles with vegetables and beef" came out to be a watery or saucey beef noodle. But tasted good la.. that's all it matters I guess. USD1.25

We ended the day with coffee, tea, some sweet deserts we bought earlier and another can of Angkor Beer. Beer is good for the heaty body =P

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6 pieces of worms:


Roti canai + banana + condensed milk, I just luv it! Unfortunately over here the mamak stalls think I'm bonkers when I want it this way. =>




Tummythoz: yeah horrr.. so many banana there some more.. should suggest to them..

hockeey: bet it would be taste good in a fajita. WAHAHAHA

Rasa Malaysia

Bugs...finally you are onto them. Their Lok Lok is fried, ours are boiled. Coincidentally, I just wrote a post about Lok Lok. ;)


Generally, I avoid fast food here but I love Hungry Jacks a.k.a Burger King in Msia. coz they got Bacon Deluxe burgers!!

I think I wanna open the first non-halal burger shop when I go back :p


rasa malaysia: i think malaysia loklok is nice hehehe

wen: i'll be your first customer man!!! wait..or maybe your first chef

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