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Day 4: Old Market buffet

Note: This is a map of the Siem Reap town for easier reference of the places I'm talking about.

We had our free breakfast at Golden Temple Villa's restaurant restaurant that morning.

Nothing special about their Thai omelet. Don�t taste Thai at all. Some spring onions, pepper, tomatoes, salt and pepper. But tasted better than the Chinese omelet.

The pineapple pancake I ate was huge.

And thick! The texture doesn't feel like the normal instant mix pancake I make at home. This one feels like "Kai Dan Kou" The edge feels like pancake but the middle part was like soft cake. The pancake did taste like pineapple. I think the banana version of the pancake that they also offer would taste good too.

I think banana, pineapple, and coconut are easily found in Siem Reap. Back at Angkor Wat and the Old Market, people sell pineapple in a whole. But should be easy to finish because the pineapples there are small. I saw people selling BBQed corn too but didn't try them out.

Me and LF have already eyed on this noodle stall the day before. Both of us were really keen to try for lunch in the Old Market. No regrets!

Beef "Kuih tieow" soup noodle. The thick noodles are called Kuih tieow, soaked in a really delicious soup. With potatoes, onions and succulent beef strips. A must to try! I think I paid 1500 riel, but no matter how expensive, must try!

I saw this on the final day I was at the Old Market. This is why the soup tasted so darn good. Look at all the ingredients in the soup. Ducks and chickens, pork leg bones, tons of potatoes and other stuff. Really rich I tell yah.

Chicken Mee Sua soup noodle. The chicken soup was more toned down but still really good. I think the Mee Sua was really good too. This was the noodle that my mom bought back from Siem Reap when she went there. There�s a springy feeling to the bite when eating the noodles. I think this Mee Sua and the beef soup go together would be HEAVEN!

The noodles came with three types of chili;

I didn't dare to try this whole chili padi in vinegar after my previous experience with chli padi on the first day, but what the heck, I�m only there once and vinegar takes out the spiciness. Tasted ok.

Ah, chili as nice as Kin Kin pan mee style but this is more spicy. wOOt! Superb!

This one is like chicken rice chili but way. I saw a lady selling it but didn't buy them back because I had no idea how to bring back packets of chili. I bought home two bottle of seasoning sauce (one was the vegetable seasoning I ate on the first day, the second one was a duck and prawn mixture seasoning) but packet chili was a little difficult.

To quench our thirst, we went back to the same drink stall the first time we were that and guess what? A new drink. At first I thought this was Pandan juice but later found out it was green beans. I totally LOVE this drink!

Beside of the drink stall was this cendol like stall. I got greedy and decided to try. I found out later that this cendol is no cendol but called Chou'. I did see a lady selling the green cendol only and grass jelly actually didn't try them out.

I didn't know how to order with all that ingredients so I waited for a guy to order and I just gave the hand signal that I wanted the same thing. The lady put some jelly with heh bee, sweet potato cake, steamed egg, glutinous rice with beans, topped it off with shaved ice, coconut milk and condense milk. She also put five of those yellow balls of thingy. I have no idea what it was but it tasted bland. I didn't like the whole dessert.

The steamed egg.

LF didn't want to try at first, but later she ordered another version of this Chou' like desert. Her's tasted much better with biji selasih, longan, a brown jelly like thing that we can find in the Chinese 'Lin Chee Kang'.

We walked around the old market hunting for stuff. But always end up in the food section HAHAHA. I was already too full to eat anything but came across this. Too Ta pau. (Take away)

I bought the groundnuts biscuit again because I kind of like it. Just bought some more for fun. This pack tasted way better then the first one I bought from Apsara Bakery. The other sugar coated biscuit was shaped like ginger. I thought it was unique so I bought them. Don't be greedy like me. This biscuit tasted awful. Bland flour taste. No natural sweetness or fragrant. Only sugar. The biscuit was not even crunchy.. air got into the pack. USD1 for both packs.

LF was full too but wanted to try their Vietnamese spring roll. No choice but to ta pau back to our room again. We bought both the fresh and fried version.

The fresh spring roll was really good! There was bean sprout, sengkuang, basil and some other stuff. A groundnut sweet and sour sauce was given as a dipping sauce. I really like that rice paper skin of the spring roll that I ended up buying one packet home. LF bought 2. She told me that this was expensive back here in Malaysia. 3500 riel per pack.

The fried version tasted just so so. Like any other normal spring roll.

This ended up tasting like a softer version of the Chinese woun chai kou. A runny flour mixture was poured to the metal pan, when cooked, the flour hardens a little. The two woun chai kou will then be cup together and served in dipping in garlic sauce. I understood why the lady ate this like porridge. The garlic sauce was really delicious. I flooded my woun chai kou with it when I ate them. The garlic sauce tasted like a mixture of onions, vinegar, tons of garlic, pepper and salt.

For dinner, we were deciding if we should eat at Pub street where all the happenings are at. We walked a few rounds but ended up at roadside stalls again.

I was not a big fan of steam chicken, cow and pig internals, so I skipped this.

But skip this? No way! There's a lot of roasted meat stalls located at the T junction to the road to Golden Temple Villa.

USD1 for about one and a half strip of siew yoke and fats! About ??grams. The skin of the pork was very very crunchy. LF didn't dare to eat the pork at first, but I made the first move to dive into the fats. Aroma #1! wOOt! Just don't eat this everyday.

Their roadside stalls looks like this. Basically like the back lane mamaks or like the mamaks behind clubs in KL. The only difference is that the food here is good, and mee mamak is just mee mamak.

The fried rice with pork was porkulicious! The pork was so tender and juicy. The rice was so nice, smelt really good with the garlic oil that they have used. Just unbelievable.

This pork ball soup came with the rice... not nice la. The meatball was tasteless.

This pork fried noodle was freaking oily! I think the used a whole cup of oil for this. Maddening. the bottom of the noodles was actually soaked with oil sauce! But never the less, the dish tasted really good. The yellow noodles were very nice and the pork was as nice as the one in the fried rice.

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The food items in this post, especially the noodles, are really exciting. They make my mouth water, man! :)


Seeing all that food really makes me hungry! I'm imagining that crunchy siew yuk skin and oily fat with a hint of saltiness in my mouth right now. :"(

I can't wait to get back to the land of decent food.


bayi: the noodles there are all super man

wen: when u coming backkk for good??


i visit your blog regularly
you have taken such great pictures and that too with so much patience.
and that you should share so many with us is really appreciable
pls keep taking such food photos and sharing them with us.


mahek: glad to be tasting food =)

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