Sunday, October 08, 2006

Day 5: Good bye good food

Last but not least... on my last day in Siem Reap...

LF ordered the ham and cheese omelet again but I decided to try the vegetable omelet. Both were very good. LF’s omelet was with extra cheese and omelet and my vegetable omelet was filled with sweet vegetables. I think the kitchen felt guilty that we waited so long for them. The vegetable omelet was fillet with a lot of sweet green capsicum. I noticed that all their green capsicum was very nice.

We went back to the drink stall to have a drink a found another chlorophyll drink. I ordered the green bean juice first, thinking we will be back again, then I can order the chlorophyll drink. Sadly we didn’t have time after that.

The white pulut rice was with mixture of sweet nangka, tasted good. The black gluttonous rice was ok but my sister hated it. She spit the whole quih out. The jelly and the layer quih wasn’t nice. The jelly tasted bland and not jelly like at all. The layer quih was too soft, not nice at all.

The quih in wrap in leaf is like white ang ku. The flour was a little tough for me. I didn’t really like it but my sister said it was good. The longer one had peanut stuffing while the rounded one had banana in the center.

The pumpkin seeds rocks! I like eating the whole seed with the skin, but I think I'm the only weird one. People, and I don't usually eat this with the skin. But also nice eaten without the skin.

I prepared the French pork sandwich for my dad and he really really liked it. The bread was spread with cheese and had two different kind of ham in it. It is topped with kerabu style papaya

This is how they sold the sandwich. This stall is always at the junction near my guest house. We were always too full to try it out so I just had to take it away... up to the plane and fly it back home. HAHAHAHA!

They have this mini oven heater at the bottom part of the moving stall to keep the buns warm and crisp. Cool stuff.

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