Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Kuih Cincin

Where can I find Kuih Cincin in West Malaysia?

My mom and my aunt's family went to Kota Kinabalu recently and came back with boxes of food. Dried sea cucumbers, salted and sweeten dried banana chips, vegetables, chilli padi, groundnuts (super expensive man, mom said RM10 for one pack!... but super nice to eat:P) and a BIG BIG box of Kuih Cincin.

The inner section of the biscuit is tough and crispy, made from a mixture of wheat flour, palm sugar and red sugar. It is then baked or fried or something... then deep in a mixture of rice flour mixture.

The "cincin's" (means rings in English) are then let to dry before being deep fried in hot oil. It is important to make sure the cincin are dry before deep frying to make sure the oil don't squirt out of the wok.

The biscuit taste really nice. Sweet, and a bit salty... fragrant with sesame seeds too. Delicious!

...mom should have bought 2 boxes full of Kuih Cincin!

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7 pieces of worms:


this is my first time seeing this biskut. sounds nice


babe_kl: me too actually. I think it's only sold in east malaysia.. someone should export them here!

Rasa Malaysia

I remember this one. My late grandmother has a mold to maket his kuih. It was darn hard to make them...


ooohhh i love these! they're very common where i live (kuching that is)...but not easy to find really good n fresh ones...


lariest: yeahhhhhh!! cannot find these over in west Mal =(((((((


Yes ! kuih cincin very nice...

now i can buy online kuih cincin at www.kuihcincin.blogspot.com or www.kuihcincin.com via e-gold & internet banking...just RM10 n free delivery :)


Halo, if you want to order kuih cincin you can buy thru me, im d distributer of kuih cincin.. :-)

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