Monday, October 30, 2006

Potatoes with herbs

There are many times when I can find potatoes in my kitchen growing the "eye", roots and leafs. My mom don't usually cook potato dishes often so they usually will end up in a pot of water to boil ABC soup (a type of vegetable soup). I decided to cook those alive potatoes when I found some growing the other day.

I wanted to make smashed potatoes a first, but found it so boring. No mood for plain ol' smash potatoes. Then I thought of fried vinegar potato chips, but then I can't find vinegar. So then maybe I could make hash browns? But I didn't know how and was to lazy to Google the recipe. I ended up making something new, at least for myself. Potatoes with herbs.

- diced potatoes
- chopped garlic
- chopped shallots
- grounded black pepper,
- dried parsley
- basil
- dried thyme
- salt
- oil

1. Heat pan with olive oil. Add garlic and shallots. Fry until fragrant.
2. Add diced potatoes an stir about 1 minute.
3. Add salt, parsley, thyme and black pepper and continue to fry the potatoes until golden brown.
4. Taste, add more salt to bring out the herb flavour.
5. When the potatoes are cooked and golden brown, turn off the heat and tear a handful of basil into the pan. Stir and let the heat cook the leafs.

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2 pieces of worms:


you shouldn't eat growing potatos. keep them in a cupboard away from light and they will not sprout.

check out the details here


shiny blue black: wooohhh noooo greenish potato skinnn. Thanks for the info!

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