Thursday, October 25, 2007

Fish porridge

Gosh... you know what... I didn't know I had so much post in draft mode. When it comes to flogging and posting, I some times type an incomplete post, then jump to the next one. Just don't have the mood to finish posts. The below post is one example of my post in draft mode... wating there collecting dust and growing mushrooms. The post have been in draft since 10/23/06 7:48 PM! That's one whole year!


It's always nice to have a bowl of hot porridge especially when you are sick with fever, tired because of the lack of sleep, and cold because it's raining cats and dogs outside.

But I still have to cook my own sweet fish porridge =(

- fish
- pepper
- chinese cooking wine
- chinese mushrooms, monkey ear mushrooms
- garlic
- shallots
- young ginger
- preserved salted lettuce
- spring onions

1. Filet your fish and marinate with salt, lots of pepper and a tea spoon of Chinese cooking wine for about 15 minutes.

2. Boil plain white porridge. You can use ikan bilis soup to boil the porridge to give it more sweetness.

3. While waiting for the fish and porridge; chop garlic, shallots and ginger finely. Chop carrots into cubes\pieces. You can also slice some Chinese mushrooms and some Chinese monkey ear mushrooms.

4. Heat a pot with some peanut oil, fry the garlic, shallots and ginger until fragrant. Add in the fish and stir fry until fish is just cooked.

5. Pour the porridge into the fried fish pot and stir. Add preserved salted lettuce and a few table spoons of the lettuce sauce. Taste. Add more salted lettuce and sauce if not salty enough. Continue to stir in low fire for 2 minutes.

6. Serve in a bowl. Add spring onions, 1/2 teaspoon of sesame oil and Chinese cooking wine. Mix before eating.

Hm...I noticed that I love making porridge. Got to try out some new taste to porridge. I'm getting bored of the same ol' porridge taste.

I think I have forgotten about this after I got well. LOL!

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Lyrical Lemongrass

LOL! I think we all have ancient stuff in our archives too. Good that your stuff can still be used. :-)


yum! come over lah, I make for u. =)


Looks goooood but sounds like a lot of work for a sick person.


Oh, almost 4got. CONGRATULATIONZ.


ll: I had to delete a lot of them. So funny la.. cos most of them so off.. so ugly.. LOL

daphne: hahahah i'm waiting for AirAsia flights! if not I tumpang your grandma's luggage the next time she's there ;p

Tummythoz: hahahaha a foodie is still a foodie when she's sick. ..and thanks :D


wow.. looks nice. Next time can ta pao some for me? LoL.
and.. congratulations on the drive for food contest! ;)

ai wei

ur porridge has lots of filling. looks good. congratulation upon the drive for food contest!!!

wenching & esiong

This would be good since I'm having a bad sore throat and flu now. Haha! Thanks for sharing the recipe!


yum,yum!!your porridge look so luxury with all the ingrendients..Now you make me wanna to have a bowl for this chilly and raining day:)


The porridge looks so "luxury", loaded with goodies :P


Christine: aiyor.. i made when i was sick for a sick person.. i dont want you to be sick la ;p

Ai Wei: hehehe.. actually all my ingredients is from the fridge.. quite basic ingredients

wenching & esiong: aikkk take care yah.. must be the dinner? hehe too 'pou' already

beachlover: GOSH! I love having hot porridge when its raining! ...esp in front of the tv ;p

Jason: Looks luxurious only.. if you see the ingredients list...hahaha pai sheh

Big Boys Oven

Oh seriously so refreshing! :)


BBO: yeah.. esp when sick hehe


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I also want some homecook porridge here~

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