Monday, October 09, 2006

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This is long over due but better late than never. Tagged by food-cookies.

Tagging rules;
1# Name 7 songs that I've been listening these days
2# The songs that are picked can be of any genre, with or without lyrics.

Teckiee's additional rule;
1# Name a food\drink that you feel complements the song
2# You don't have to like the food\drink you name
3# You can name something you have not tried before, but do explain what you pick it.
4# Better still, name a new food\drink creation of your own!

Ok, I have not been the hip and happening person for quite some time now. I have not been updating me playlist on my PC and iPod at all for the fast few weeks months. So bare with the outdated list HAHAHAH

Song #1: I'd Rather Dance With You
By: Kings Of Convenience
Food\Drink: Reeses peanut butter milk chocolate cups. Hmmm they have them with caramel now. Yum Yum. I love eating the peanut butter cup in a whole, slowly melting it in the mouth. Using the tongue and rubbing the chocolate and peanut butter towards to sky of the mouth and sometimes leaving peanut butter and chocolate stains on the teeth. Something I would rather eat and dance than talk.

Song #2: After the Dance
By: Marvin Gaye
Food\Drink: Smoking a rich heavy cigar, relaxing in a cafe, drink rich dark and expensive coffee. Hmmmmm... nice. I don't smoke, but use your imagination la ok.

The mafia outfit, deep cold black eyes, long side burns, a revolver in the gun hoster behind that black sleek suit jacket, long legs crossed, and with a nice shiny polished black lether shoes. Expensive gold cigar cutter on the table with the matching money clip... LOL! Eh but he's not mafia la, if mafia he's a ... some expensive important looking gentleman mafia kind of man.

Song #3: Thank you!
By: Home Made Kazoku
Food\Drink: Grapefruit! Orange! Lemon! And thing perky and citrus!

Song #4: Wonka's Welcome Song
By: Danny Elfman
Food\Drink: Strawberry dunked in milk chocolate in a stick. Reminds me of all the chocolate fountain stuff. The banana dipped in chocolate and nuts too. KLCC Chocz!

Song #5: So sick
By: Ne-Yo
Food\Drink: A few rounds of vodka lime. Actually... a shots of anything will do! HAHAHAHA. I miss my screwdriver! Wait, I miss all that cocktail... slurpppp *dizzy* *boink* *KO* *hangover* *MC*

Song #6: Hit That
By: The Offspring
Food\Drink: A nice warm hotdog with lots of pickles and mustard! And on the side a cool Angkor Beer MUAHAHAHA!

Song #7: Imperial March
By: Starwars
Food\Drink: Bitterguart. Like the song, a little scary and bitter, but yet some of them can taste really sweet. Some hate this vegetable, some love this. But if eaten often, some fall in love with this vegetable, like the song.

I'm not going to tag anyone though... I would have to limit to 7 persons. So.. I'm opening this tag for all that have this music-food sync imagination thing.

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4 pieces of worms:


Wow~! First of all, thanks for doing this. Appreciate it very much. =) You're good in imagining, are you? :P Seeing you writing these songs explaining what you do when listening to them. Anyways, have a nice day~ ;)


cookies_cream: heheheh aiyorrr "wai sek guai" can think of anything :P


Imperial March is going to be my wedding song. Great song! Haha~!


loong: ....HAHAHHAHAHAH your wife will agree or not?

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