Sunday, October 29, 2006

Yong Tau Foo, O&S coffeeshop, Paramount garden

O&S coffee shop is located beside the Caltax petrol station in Taman Paramount. A corner coffee shop that is always hustle and bustling with customers, and good food on the tables.

Kat chai chuin mui (lime juice with preserved plum), my drink when I’m at O&S.

My family will never fail to order the yong tau foo when we eat at O&S. Sometimes we need to be very patient as we will sometimes spend almost 45 minutes just to get a place to sit and line up for our yong tau foo. All I can say is that go before 11am. Anything later than that is war.

Yong Tau Foo here is the best! Can beat any Ampang anytime.

The tofu used for the yong tau foo is very smooth. They also have fired yong tofu, yong tofu pok and yong seafood tofu. Before I continue, "yong" means "stuffed", so yong tofu means stuffed tofu.

The stuffing varies from stalls to stalls. The stuffing is very important as 80% of the dish is judge on how good the stuffing is. If you are making our own yong tofu, you can try a mixture of fresh fish paste, minced meat, salted fish, turnip and shallots.

They deep fried sui kau, deep fried foo choke quin with fish paste, eggplant with fish paste are superb too. I can finish 10 pieces of these anytime!

They also have ladyfingers, chilie, bittergurt and some of the usual yong tau foo pieces.

Other that the yong tau foo, O&S also have a char queh tiow stall and a Penang prawn mee stall that servers really good noodles. The pork ball noddles here is a 100 times better than the one I ate at the original pork ball noodles in Imbi. The wan tan mee and chicken rice there are also ok.

I really like the Penang chee cheong fun with har kou (prawn paste) and chilli. The noodle is rubbery and fragrant, goes really well with their mixture of prawn paste.

There's one dish I won't order from O&S though, the Indian rojak. Yuck... bad Indian rojak.

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15 pieces of worms:

Rasa Malaysia

Yong Tow Foo in KL is great. Ampang ones are simply the best...Penang Yong Tow Food is not as good. ;)


I am keeping track of the places that you recommend and definitely would go when i go back to malaysia again!

Thanks for the recommendation!


I have been eating from this shop since young...However not anymore as we are no longer staying in PJ.

My family used to like to "tapau" from this restaurant. I can still remember the taste of the Queh Tiew noodle soup, Prawn mee, Yong tau Foo, penang Chew chong fan. I have tried all the stalls here.

They used to have cubed pig or chicken blood in the queh tiew noodle soup and not sure if they have change this?



Agree thoroughly on d getting tables is war - hot, chaos and noisy! Can be quite stressful but the food is really worth it.


rasa malaysia: Ampang yong tau foo not really that nice already. A lot of small mushroom stalls sells better ones these days.

littlenoodle: hehehe you sure need to save up plenty of stomach space for that :)

TehSee: you tapou teh see or not? hehehe hmm i think no more pork blood curry mee liua

tummythoz: got tips in hogging table ah?


Hehe... :) I'm from Seremban... really wanted to try this Penang chee cheong fun with har kou. May i know the address or way to get there?


jade: are you fimiliar with any place in PJ? maybe directing you from there might be easier. If you go by cab, just mention Taman Paramount, near the old cinema but now is Giant supermarket. In between Taman Sea and Sri Aman.


teckiee, it's a contest of the 'thickest skin'!


dont mind fattening up. definitely shed all the pounds when i come back to london


tummythoz: HAHAHHAHA yeah hor

littlenoodle: LOL!

Patrick the Pup

If you go there b4 12:15pm on a weekday, you can get tables pretty easily, but if you go around like 1pm, then be prepare to 'dan ku ku' (wait long long)


i loved the penang style chu cheung fun here


One of my fave coffeeshops but like you all, it's pack and hot and getting tables is really tough during makan time. But I guess we are already used to the Malaysian culture of hovering over people or being hovered when we eat at such places during peak hours! Hee hee...


patrick the pub: there was once me and a friend got so hungry waiting that we just ate chee chiong fun standing! hehehe

babe_kl: yup yup me toooo!

wmw: some ppl not seng mok one lo.. a lot of people waiting but habis makan still sitting down chit chat ...hais


i've been eating at this place almost every sunday morning and my parents love their yong tau fu very muchie!

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