Friday, November 17, 2006

Ampang Foong Foong Yong Tau Foo

When I was really young, when it takes over an hour from PJ to Ampang, when the road were narrow and full of port holes, my dad loved to bring my family for Ampang yong tau foo.

Everthing my grandparents comes over, he will drive all of us to Foong Foong in Ampang to have the famous yong tau foo.

You will have to order that the counter, tell them how many pieces of what yong tau foo pieces you want. You will be seated and then your glass of leong char (herbal tea) will arrive. The over the microphone or loud speaker, you can hear something like "Sam sat yat hou, sap kin tofu, yee sap kin chau yeah cham cham, yat woun sui kau..." (Table 31, 10 pieces tofu, 20 pieces mixed fired stuff, 1 bowl of soup dumplings...) being shouted. You will know that your orders made through and you food will be arriving in a few minutes.

But all that is a really long time ago. I have visited Foong Foong for a few times recently and noticed that their yong tou foo no longer give me the kick. The once original Ampang yong tofu that is the talk of the town is no longer watering my taste buds. The yoong tau foo at O&S is way better.

Another good example of, "Original doesn't mean always the best".

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6 pieces of worms:


U R right ! de place has lost its shine.

Maybe u should go try the Segambut one , it still might have the old old flavour !


Oh, I remember going there quite a while back, loved the ambiance. Haven't been there for some time, sad when such things happen.


Foong Foong is overrated these days. Too commercialized.


tonixe: yeahhh i heard about good yong to foo in Segambut too. Will go try it out

wmw: LOl yeahh I still love the loud speaker!

bayibhyap: yeahhh... even parking got ppl jaga now.. got to pay them.. haisss


when i was kid, my parents used to bring us there on Sundays. that time foong foong is the only YTF shop in dat strip


babe_kl: me too.. i remember hating the journey there..all the port holes... i always get the headache.. but when start to eat its a whole diff story

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