Tuesday, November 07, 2006

first carbonara timer

Hm... still need the cream to really work that carbonara.

I love bacon carbonara with large macaronies as pasta. I only knew how to place an order and then eat. But for the pass few years, I have been watching chefs on TV and in the kitchen cooking up creamy yummy carbonara.

I had a whole carton of milk the other day and was wondering what I could do with it. I missed eating pasta so I decided to cook carbonara (though I didn't have cream that time). The carbonara was still edible... but lots of room for improvement.

I boiled spinach and pureed it and mixed it with the sauce, that is why the sauce look a little green. I wanted to make pesto (also greenish in colour), but my sis hates basil :(

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True Carbonara doesn't really use cream as it's base. The secret to it is raw eggs...with a little bit of cream. Ratio would be one and a half eggs per person.

What I usually do to cook carbonara is beat 3 eggs with a little bit of full cream milk. In the mean time, fry diced bacon bits or ham with salt until its almost crispy. Once the fettuccine is cooked, I drain and immediately put it into the raw beaten eggs and mix. The heat will half cook the egg giving it a creamy texture. Once it's thoroughly mixed, I add in the Parmesan cheese and bacon bits while its still hot. Mix again till the cheese has melted, add chopped parsley then serve.

It should not be wet but creamy. The flavour comes from the diced bacon and the cheese. The eggs just form the base. Simple meal for a simple day. :)


Yes! Bacon bits! An absolutely must! Pizza Uno in Centrepoint does a pretty mean version of carbonara with a pretty generous amount of little bacon strips. About RM16...I think. I like to cook but never get around to it, so eat out lo.


Kamigoroshi: thanks!!!!!! but one question, the whole egg or the whites only?

wmw: ohhhh got to try some day


when the bacon is fried, add in the pasta... and then add this mixture:
beaten egg yolks mixed with cream and parmesan cheese. added in at the end and keep stirring.. you will get a creamy sauce coating the pasta.. mmm yumm

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