Sunday, November 19, 2006

Kau Choy pancake

I think it's been more than 10 years since I ate kau choy pancake. My mom used to make them very often when I was young. I remember when me and my brother will wake up on Sunday mornings, brush our teeth and sit in front of the television to watch cartoons. We seldom leave the televioin alone unless it is for good reasons. And kau choy pancak is one good reason.

I'm not sure if all mommies make these kau choy pancake but their kids are missing out a lot of their mommies don't make them some. The pancake have a Taiwaniese pizza (the one sold in the SS2 pasar malam on a van stall) feel to it but with less oil. The pancake is soft pancake like in the center but have chrispy sides. My mom stopped making them when she found out that my dad as actually allergic to it. Took her a really long time to figure that out.

Mom made then recently when my dad was not in for breakfast. Hehehe totally missed the pancake!!!

- flour
- water
- sugar
- salt
- kau choy, chopped
- heh bee, blended or pounded

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7 pieces of worms:


Add in some prawns and you will be in Cloud 9 after eating the pancakes. And of course, some chili or sambal for those who love to eat their pancakes this way...


Yes! My mom used to make them...Apart from having the option for tiny prawns to be added, you can try adding egg (something like roti telur). Mmm...must ask my mom to make them again :o)


Your recipe inspired me and I made some today. I will post mine soon and link to you! :)


bayibhyap, wmw: Now that you have mentioned.. i think my mom used to add that too! Really haven eaten this in a longgg time.. i cant really remember that other ingredients she put in.

Rasa malaysia: heheh yea!!


yeah yeah i missed my mom's pancake too, so i made some but i cant remember if i hv posted on my blog oopps haha


hi... i'm girl_girl ... i love to eat tis kind of pan cake.. my mum always make it besides using kau choy to make pan cake sometimes she also change it to long bean... :)


babe_kl: hahahhah can always make and report ;P

girl girl: ohh long beans with egg i eat before.. but long beans pancake ah.. i have to try! thanks for the tip

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