Friday, November 10, 2006

Moldy bread

An article on The Star during the Raya week got me thinking about the preservatives in our food products. The article reported that a number (and I think a big number) of Raya biscuits brands have preservative higher that the permitted amount by the government.

I do agree because I have come across food stuff that have ridicules length of shelf life. Canned food can last for a few years is understandable but ice cream drumsticks bought today can last until 2008?! That's really really scary!

Being all gross and freaked out on this preservative issue, I did an experiment using bread.

I took a piece of white bread and whole meal bread and separated them in to different plastic bags. I noted down their expiry date. The white bread moulded a day after it expired (I believe that's about 5 to 6 days from the day it's baked?). The whole meal bread did not start to mould until the 4th day!

I freaked a little because my family take wholemeal bread and not white bread. Does this means there's more preservatives in the wholemeal bread? Or wholemeal with the fibber and all just last longer?

I experimented a bit further by baking my own wholemeal bread. Guess what... the bread started to mould on the third day. Really big difference!

Now the question is, does my internal organs and all preserve better by eating so much of all this preservative?.... ok not funny, but something to ponder upon.

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7 pieces of worms:


When I was younger, my mum's sponge cake gets mouldy after two to three days and I always thought that mum's cake was not as good as those bought in the shops. Obviously, I was wrong!


ideally we should take charrge of our own food and diet but who has the time in this time and age . one can only demand manufacturer to be more responsible


littlenoodle: hehehe ask your mom to continue making =)

anonymous: I believe because of this few manufacturers, organic food stalls/restaurants are really making money.


*seriously nods her head*

teckiee: she's doing it without being told to...


I used to live in San Francisco and the weather is very "condusive" to molding...I kid you not, breads get moldy in one day if exposed.


littlenoodle: heheh email me some :p

rasa malaysia: ahhhh...the freezer is very important then


I'm pretty sure that there's a lot more moisture in the white bread and that's why it goes off quicker.

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