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Old Town cafe

There's so many "modern" coffee shop these days that are popping u every where in town and supermarkets. I recently visited the Old Town Cafe in Jaya Jusco near Equine Park Puchong.

Anyone who loves drinking white coffee will know that the this milky fragrant black coffee originated from Old Town, Ipoh. There are many brands in the supermarket selling white coffee but the really good ones come from Old Town itself. This cup of white coffee, taste exactly like the one in the coffee shop in Old Town, Ipoh.

Kopi O also known as plain black coffee without the milk. Taste like coffee lah.

Xi mut milk tea. Xi mut is actually a smooth and fine cotton cloth. This cloth is used as a strainer when making the tea. The tea will h\be strained though this Xi mut for at least 7 times before the tea can be served. Taste really good, and really really smooth.

The orange juice on the right is a little diluted. Need more juice, not water. Or maybe just too much ice.

I was a little disappointed with the kaya and butter toast. I was expecting the Ipoh coffee shop style toasted hotel bread but this was toasted sandwich bread.

I waited a really long time for a simple half boiled egg. Added some soya sauce and pepper, mix it a little, taste good when I dip my toast into it.

The chicken rendang rice was very disappointing. The sambal was sweet, way too sweet and not spicy at all. The chicken rendang from a can taste better that the one served. Does Ipoh chicken rendang taste like that? eek!

One of the worst (Ipoh) chicken sar hor fun I have tasted. I have tasted real orginal Ipoh sar hor fun in KL and they even use beansprout from Ipoh. Everything in this cafe is not Ipohish at all except for the white coffee.

And if you are wondering "Teckiee must be crazy, how would she know if the beansprout is from Ipoh or not?!" Well I tell you, you can tell if you have eaten good delicious beansprout dishes from Ipoh. The beansprout in Ipoh are plum, stumpy and fat. When eaten, it is more crunchy. That is why the Ipoh beansprout chicken dish (Ipoh Ngar Choy Kai) is so famous. The key is using Ipog beansprout.

The curry mee wasn't that superb. It did have the Ipoh taste in it as the curry had little coconut milk.

Skip the nissin noodle with egg, luncheon meat and vegetable, you can find better Hongkie style noodles like this in Kim Gary, Wong Kok Char Chan Teng, or any of this famous Hongkie fusion cafe that are popping up every where too.

Go to Hainan, China to eat their Hainan fish rice but never in Old Town cafe. The plate was left untouched.

Other that the curry mee, the kaya glutinous rice is maybe the only other thing that tastes ok. I don't think this is an Ipoh dish but the rice came cold with hot creamy fragrant coconut kaya. The kaya would be nicer if it was a little smoother.

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PsyChotic Crapper

Been reading ur blog for awhile and found out that ur blog had really make my tastebuds goes into full bloom :p ..cant wait to read ur blog every day...^^
But does this place (Old Town) really so bad...~~ thought of going the other day (darn lucky never go yet hehe)


bet you RM10 they r not from Ipoh.

Spoil my ACS name already if true.


I think so i went to the one in 1Utama. The one next to the cinema.Was very dissappointed. Very expensive. The curry mee was ...bluehh... and it suppose to come with a piece of chicken right? guess which part i got? the little drumlette(part of a chicken wing)! 1 small piece!! awww come on!! much can a whole wing cost you!! somemore the price is quite high... 2thumbs down and never to return...


The one next to the cinema is Kopitime I think, they have another outlet in Atria. Food is so so but when compared to the rest of these new "old fashion" coffeeshops (confusing hor? ;P) seems to be better than the rest. There's a similar one in Amcorp Mall call "Ka Fei Dian", I like the Roti Sambal there!

Kluang Station food also so so but crowded most of the time. Furthermore the currypuff that they sell at RM1.50 is the same one you can get from Ikea at RM1!!!!


psyChotic Crapper: aiyorrr really bad la.. maybe i would only go back for the white and Xi mut milk tea. Not the food

Tonixe: LOL! ACS is the school rite? My dad is from ACS sitawan.

fashionasia: Yeah, I think wmw is rite, that kopitiam, i think they have one in ss2 also. All this high class coffeeshop cannot makan there one la. Food teruk, price so high... maybe only a good chair to sit on. I would rather sit on plastic chair, sweat while waiting for my food but have really good food.

By the way, people say there's a curry mee in OUG that is good, along 7Eleven.

wmw: yeah loooo everytime i pass kluang station jam packed one... never makan there before. I think I'll just skip all this "coffee shops". If I head to Kluang...maybe look for their original coffeeshop and eat


sounds really bad.....will back off from this place..:)


i've been to their outlet in IPoh which i dunno located where hahaha... its opposite a padang one. i tell you the taste there different leh, nicer than the old town we get in KL!!!! i think the KL ones are franchise which are lousy


oops...too many of these around im confused!!
But i like the one in Atria. Very yummiee the food...especially the kaya butter toast.


meiyen: yeah save your money for something better

babe_kl: ohh that one is the real original shop. It's in old town ipoh.

fashionasia: hmm got to go to atria one of these days.. long time never go there already


i like their coffee tho.


bayi: if white coffee also yucky.. i will have no idea what they name their shop old town cafe



:) but then i am easily satisfied with thick coffee. there are many cafes with excellent coffee, depending on where a person lives. there is Kopi Kau in Bandar Puteri, My Cafe along LDP in Puchong, etc. I am just happy to be living near all these. :)


but then again, there may not be consistency in the standard of menu items at every branch. generally I was happy with Old Town Cafe's nasi lemak and coffee, which are the main items i order.


i was told that the taugeh is such because the water used to grow it was from the nearby hills or something like that!
i remember taking baths at my friend's place and the water was always nice and cool, regardless of the time of the day..

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