Saturday, November 04, 2006

Soaking fruit

It's November already! That means PARTY MONTH DECEMBER is coming! And Christmas! Thank god I don't have to do extra 24/7 on call duties during that month. WEEE!!

Anyway, I have already started prepating for the Christmas celebration. A bit early you say? No la... not when it comes to a baking a good christmas cake. I have already stared to soak my fruits in Rum for my cake.

Let's see what I have
Layer 1: Green and red cherries
Layer 2: Crystallized ginger
Layer 3: Sultanas
Layer 4: Black raisins
Layer 5: Yellow raisins
Layer 6: Orange peel
And Rum

Actually, you don't soak fruits like that. Hehehe the layers are just for illustration. You will have to use a dry wooden spoon to mix all that up when you pour your rum in. Keep in a cool dry place out of the sun. Shake the bottle every day to make sure all the fruits are moist with rum. I used about 600ml of Rum to soak, you can use less or more depending on how much Rum you want in it.

I can’t really remember how many kilograms of fruits I have soaked, but here’s how to formulate the taste. Cherries are sweet, ginger is sweet but gives out a hint or spicy mint flavor. Sultanas are sweet, raisins sweet and sour. Orange peel have a citrus sourish flavor to it. By knowing the sweetness and the sourness and the other smells and taste of the fruits, you will have to mix a portion of sweet + sweet sour > sour. Meaning that you should have more sweetness in your fruits than sour.

Am I making any sense? I think you will have your taste buds do the work.

Something to remember, when the fruit cake is baked (heated), the alcohol smell, taste and effect will be gone. What you will taste is the sweetness of the Rum. So if you are afraid you'll drunken your guest with cake.. you won't. It's ok to pure more Rum in. All of it won't absorb in the fruits but you can use the extras to age your fruit cake later.

So go soak your fruit first, wait for December then bake the cake.

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6 pieces of worms:

PsyChotic Crapper

Can't wait for the month Dec. Must let me see ur cake when its ready (photo i mean ^^). I m drooling now...


Hope you write the recipe for the fruit cake in December.

I love fruit cake...those rum...yummy.



PsyChotic Crapper: LOL.. i can always email the cake to u as an attachement ;P

TehSee: Will suerly put up the recipe and some tips of aging the cake. Can really save a lot making your own christmas cake.. out side selling RM60++ for one small loaf man


yeah...pls give us the recipe...i'd love to make one for christmas..but i guarantee it will kena sapu habis b4 christmas day


woooo... i'm wondering if i shld do this too since i have my almost one year old cured cake by this Christmas!!! :D this reminds me to feed my cake with more brandy


praveen: thats y ned to make more!!!

babe_kl: LOL! make one and keep till next year :P

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