Sunday, November 05, 2006

Square watermellons

When the Japanese ate the watermelon, they ate, then they thought, "Wouldn't it be easier to keep the watermelon in the fridge is it was square?"
Japanese mothers thought "Watermelons taste better when it is served cold, if only they were smaller and square, then I can fit them into my fridge"

Japanese scientist actually grew square watermelons in their labs and it the melons were actually mass grown in a watermelon farm. The water melons are not genetically engineered to grow in to squares is you are wondering hehehe.

When the melon flower turn into fruit, the small growing fruit is placed into a square glass. While the melon grow, it will fill up the space in the glass. So instead of growing in all 360 direction, it will just grow to where the lets them grow.

When the melons were sold in the Japanese market, it caught the world’s attention. I wish they grew square melons in Malaysia too. I'm not sure if they still grow them in Japan. The costs of growing square melons are much costlier. Japanese were happy they the melons were square, but weren't happy with the price.

I wonder if we can replace the glass with bio degradable square bags... it still gives the air circulation to the melons and still shapes the melon into squares. ...or will the bad break? Hm....

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6 pieces of worms:

PsyChotic Crapper

I still prefer my watermelon to be round; when sliced had the cresent shaped. Can't imagine having a slice of rectangle watermelon - once bitten into the middle bottom, I will have watermelon juices on both my ears (><)


Cute looking! Yes, watching a square watermelon eating contest would now be even more interesting! Ha ha ha....


PsyChotic Crapper: ahhahaha you got a point there... the juice will be all over

wmw: somehow the square watermellon reminds me of that cartoon....the yellow cheese look guy with the blue pants...


Oh, SpongeBob SquarePants! That's the character. Ha ha ha...


interesting. would it have been possible 4 the same scientist(s) 2 concoct something & anything to shape a lady's body ? ( not square lah ok !)

I think more profitable and socially responsible and appreciated invention than square watermelons don't u agree my dear Teckiee? hahaha !


tonixe: AHAHAHHAHA totally agree

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