Wednesday, November 29, 2006

trolley full of junk food

My food trolley full of junk food and snacks have been my companion for the pass 6 weeks of working (my stomach off) like a crazy computer scientist. I didn't have time for proper meals and sleep =( I'll be working every few hours in the wee mornings and then every few hours here and there. But all is back to normal now, but still a little busy settling back down to my normal non-vampire working hours.

I put on weight again lo... with all this junk food, who won't?!

I have my crunchy Roti Kok (double baked bread) on the right. The long fragrant butter bread stick is really nice when dipped into warm coffee or tea. On the top is the "cake kok" or double baked butter pound cake. The brown bigger piece is is the chocolate wafer biscuit. The outer layer is a thick, crunchy and course layer of baked flour. On the inside, a chocolate flavored wafer biscuit with cream. Slurpppp.

Not forgetting my double chocolate chipsmore! and almond raisin cookie!

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2 pieces of worms:


This ain't snacks ... these are like lollies. Hehe a snack is a McHappy Meal, a Colonel Chicken Burger, a Burger King Whopper etc. Hehe ...


loong: hsahaahhaah if i take snacks.....i think i'll gain mor weight!!

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