Monday, December 18, 2006

California Express

It's crazy to going grocery shopping at different supermarkets in a day. I started at Giant but couldn't find what I wanted. I pop by Tesco and still can't find the product I wanted. Thank god Jaya Jusco was near by (and I found what I wanted) and I didn't have to go to Cold Storage.

I was so hungry after all the running around so I thought I pop by the food area opposite Jaya Jusco supermarket at 1 Utama Old Wing Ground floor. I walked pass California Express to look at the menu. The guy manning the stall was friendly so I decided to have my dinner there.


The 2 chef's were really busy preparing the dishes but preparing who's orders?

No one was at the seated at the counter except me. Later I found out that there were 6 orders to other tables/counters at the food section. The other customers were eating some other side dishes from the other stalls too. When I started eating, I soon understand why no one wanted to sit at the counter. It was a little difficult to have a meal there because the table top was too thick. My knees hit the table, I couldn't put my legs below the table. Got to sip slanting to have my meal. Boo boo on the ergonomics.

I ordered something something fettuccini. It's fettuccini with white sauce, Parmasean, mushrooms, ham and spring onions. Very nice very nice! The sauce was just right and I didn't feel bloated after eating it. The ham used was superb! It's not the normal sandwich ham, really good. Taste better then bacon! The spring onions are added and mixed just before serving. The heat from the pasta heats the spring onions and gave this really nice springy feeling to it.

A family came to eat later on and saw how the other dishes looked like. Their fish and chips don't look that good. A little dry. Then again I won't know. I'll definitely be there to eat again.

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3 pieces of worms:


Have passed by there many times but never got around to eating at this place. Will try the pasta!


Served ham better than b-a-c-o-n?? Hhmm..sounds unbelievable! =P


wmw: At first I tot the food will only be so so cos i didn't see anyone at the counter...i guess everyone eats at the other tables...must try!

tummythoz: yeah man!!! They have cabonara there also, but i didnt order that.

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