Thursday, December 21, 2006

Canned beans

When my mom saw the plate of baked beans, she said "Aiyor, that's not the way to cook the egg in the beans. You have to scramble the eggs separately first then only mix." Looks funny hor? But nope, I didn't cook the canned beans with eggs. It's minced meat.

There was only one egg left in the fridge, so definitely not enough for my family. We like the baked beans with more eggs. I didn't want to serve cold canned beans. I had to use the baked beans too because I opened the can before checking for eggs. Did some digging in the fridge and saw some minced meat. Just nice.

I marinated the minced meat for about 10 minutes with sugar, pepper and soya sauce. Heated a pan with oil and fried garlic. When fragrant I cooked the minced meat and then pour in the can on baked beans.


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3 pieces of worms:


i lup baked beans - any style haha

btw, regarding the aluminium tin pan, i've used reynolds brand which could be more hardy. i saw those packed w/o brand one pretty soft. which type you used?


babe_kl: ohhh no wonder... me la use the chap lang brand hehehe


so now u know which brand to buy huh hahaha... check out my cut fruit cake. just posted.

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