Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Korean instant noodles

After not eating instant noodles for a few months, I finally dug into my instant Korean Kim Chi noodles today.

This is one of my favoriut Korean noodle brands. The first time I ate them I was like "WOWWWW really nice and spicy and sour and I just love the noodles!". I really like instant noodles which are still a little chewy when cooked. The normal Cintan instant noodles tend to be a little dry on the inside. Overcooked Maggie Mee gets all soft, even the "just right" cooked Maggie Mee just taste so so. IndoMee taste like Cintan mee, but just wee bit better. There are so many more brands of instant noodles these...ohh Mamee also. Totally hate it. There's a few Thailand instant noodles that tastes ok...Zau Zau or something... Maggie mee in a cup tom yam flavor is nice. The rest... just not delicious or yucky enough to remember.

There are a few China brand instant noodles sold in Iseitan which are nice too. The noodles are something like Wan Tan Mee. Thin yellow fragrant noodles that taste really good with the sweet and light soups it comes with.

But, I still like this =)

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4 pieces of worms:


You should get those Korean ones that come with the vacuum packed pieces of meat. They taste the best! Nice and spicy to boot! I seem to have forgotten the name already though.


Happy belated birthday!
Is that brand "yong shim" or something "shin"...think I've tried it before but forgot the name of the brand.


loong: where to get? expensive ah?

tigerfish: yup yup..i think its yong shim


Yes, then it's the same one! Spicy and good! Like kim-chi in soup!

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