Sunday, December 24, 2006

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! How I wish I was one of those 3 kids up there ;P I was KLCC the other day when they had Miss Santarina and Mr.HoHoHo up on stage giving out candies from her basket and his sack.

I was out of the office for the whole of last week so I didn't get to celebrate and join in with a few office Christmas events =( I usually give out a small something to my colleagues before Christmas to boost the mood too. I wanted to do the same this year and continue my tradition. So when my boss ask me to come in for a short meeting on Friday, the first thing that came to mind was "Christmas baking!". I baked up a few batch of muffins for this year's little something.

Orange cinnamon muffin. A simple plain muffin with a little deco to make it look prettier for the Christmas feel. I forgot to tell the guys that they could throw the cinnamon stick away. Some of them bit and swallow the whole thing!

Double chocolate peanut butter surprise. This was the bomb. I made double chocolate muffin and stuffed the muffin with creamy peanut butter in the middle until it burst the muffin. I then topped the muffin with chocolate frosting to hide the peanut butter surprise. I think my boss really like this a lot.

And I gave a little something extra to a few of my glutton makan-makan ex-colleagues.

Merry Christmas again!

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Belated Merry Christmas !!!


merry christmas! your bakes look great!

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