Friday, December 29, 2006

Pork Intestines Noodles

After reading the *slurp slurp* post on Chee Chiong Fun from tonixe, I remember I have a few picture of my own ....a few that came up to a whole lot!

Chee Chiong Fun is flat rice noodles as Tonixe puts it, but direct translation from Cantonese to English is Pig Intestines noodles! I knows it sounds gross but its called that was because the Chee Chiong Fun looks like the pig's intestines in a way ;p But be assured that the noodles have no part of the pig in it.

Foo Chook Tim Chiong Chee Chiong Fun. Foo Chook is made from the top layer cooled layer of thick soya milk. The layer is dried and fried to become Foo Chook. The direct translation of Tim Chiong is sweet sauce. It's a think sweet sauce, either in red or brown in color. I bought this from the Yat Yeah Heng Steamboat coffee shop in SS4D. They sell the famous white chicken rice at that coffee shop in the morning.

Curry Chu Pei Chee Chiong Fun. This Chee Chiong Fun is topped with a curry sauce with deep fried pig skin. Looks weird, sound disgusting, but taste good! The skin is "pok pok" chrispy. It's chiewy chrispy... you just got to try it to. Best Curry Chu Pei Chee Chiong Fun I have tasted to far is in Mengelembu, Ipoh. I bought this from SS2 pasar pagi, the market beside SS2 Selera Malam.

Hong Kong style Chee Chiong Fun. The rice flour used in this Chee Chiong Fun is very diluted and is often only prepared when ordered. A layer of rice flour and water batter is poured on a steamer lined with "mut xi" cloth, a type of fine smooth cotton cloth. Marinated minced lean pork or prawns or a mixture of it will be place on top of the batter and steam until the rice flour batter is tough (but in fact still very very soft when eaten) enough to be remove from the cloth. The layer of flour will then be rolled up and then sliced. The Chee Chiong Fun will then be served in a mixture of oil and diluted soya sauce, and sometimes really good mixture if chili. I ate this at Taman Megah's Key Hiong Dim Sim restaurant.

This is a simple Ipoh Chee Chiong Fun. Plain Chee Chiong Fun mixed with soya sauce and Tim Chiong. I think I bought this from pasar malan... hehehe forgot la.

Penang style Chee Cheong Fun. Chee Cheong Fun with Har Kou (Prawn paste) and chile. I used to hate this but after eating this Har Kou Chee Cheong Fun at O&S, totally dig it man.

Actually, you can eat Chee Chion Fun with almost anything on the side. Even with Yong Tau Foo leftovers like fried Sui Kau (dumplings) and Foo Chook Yue Kuin (fried Foo Chook fish paste roll).

Oh... and before I forget, Pork Intestines Noodles taste really good with peanut butter too!

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The Gathering of Chee Chion Fun? hahaha


haha so many connoisseurs of pig intestines !

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haha i had a chee cheong fun post also, wrote by my good friend. i still love the tim cheong style like my taiping's


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