Saturday, December 23, 2006

Santini, KLCC

Disappointed again...

It's end of the year again. My boss suddenly asked me to organize a small dinner for my team to celebrate the year end and our good work. Initially the plan was to have dinner at Basil Leaf, but when I called to make reservation, I was told that they were booked for the night for another company's dinner.

After some ding dong here and there, we all decided to have dinner some where in walking distance of our office. So remembering some good reviews about Santini, I suggested we have dinner there.

I called them once, then went over to meet the manager to arrange my menu, then called them twice to fax me a confirmation, then have to walk over to push them for the menu and confirmation... then call them AGAINNNNN to fax the menu over. "Really good service"

During the dinner, service was also very bad. We were placed downstairs in doors right in front of the kitchen. Though the air condition was turned on, it was so hot and stuffy. They could have fit the 25 of us up stairs. Plenty of room upstairs.

I faxed them the orders in advanced so they could prepare in advanced and speed up the cooking but I was so disappointed that we had to wait for quite a while before our dinner start.

There was two choices of soup.

Mushroom Cappuccino. Wild assorted mushroom soup with cinnamon cream. This tasted really good. Very heavy fresh mushroom smell and the cinnamon cream tasted excellent with the soup. The whole soup is creamy and thick. Fills the stomach really fast.

Santini Minestrone. Vegetable soup served with Santini pesto. Let me quote one of my colleagues on this, "Taste really good, ...after I have added my own salt and pepper".

The chef suggested four choices of main dish for this dinner. I only had a change to take a picture of my own dish because I was too busy coordinating the whole dinner. *headache with the service* They missed out a few orders and I kind of have to supervise the whole serving the food action.

I ordered the depressing looking Mushrooms Ravoli alla Campangnola. Mushrooms Ravoli served with veal juice and truffle oil. The sauce was bland. The mushroom stuffing was mushroom? I just tasted some plain mushy thing. And the pasta was over cooked. My brother can cook better than this!

The rest of my colleagues had;
Spaghetti Gamberi e Pomodori. It's spaghetti cooked with tomato and some prawns. Looked ok, but tasted bland too.

Grilledliata de Baranzino. Grilled sea bass on potato ponpound and creamy basil sauce. This dish looked the prettiest when it was served. I stole a small but of fish to taste and didn't like it. The fishy smell was really strong, and I only had a small bit. Not enough herb smell/taste to cover the fishy smell.

Grilledliata de Manzo. Grilled beed tenderloin served with juline vegetables and rosemary sauce. I was told that this was cooked well done. The chef made a big mistake by not asking how done the meat should. Although the presentation of this dish was pretty, none of my colleagues enjoyed this.

Thank god the dinner ended with a good Santini Panna Cotta desert. The sweetness is just right and the pudding is wonderful. I could have 10 of these, and skipped the soup and main course.

Overall, the dinner was bad. Environment was hot and stuffy and in front of the kitchen window. All the heat is coming out from there and the doors were opened to let the cool air out. The service was very bad. There was a point where they did not want to serve us plain water. I mean come on man, we have ordered our drinks and the right restaurant always have water for their guest on the side.

After this bad experience and the previously bad food at KLCC's San Francisco Steak house, I will never ever plan another dinner/luncheon under the TT (Tai Thing) group of restaurants in KLCC anymore. Shrooms? Sushi Bar? No thanks.

Maybe the RM15++ set lunch is still ok. But RM60+++ for the bad service, environment and dinner? Never again.

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5 pieces of worms:


Shrooms ... haha ... you said shrooms. You know what shrooms stand for right ... right?


HAHAHAHAH actually when I first saw that place, I was thinking about magic mushrooms as well.


Happy New Year !


urrghh shrooms... is a no no too. i think TT better stick to Chinese


tonixe: heheh happy new year to you too! butttt christmas first la =P

babe_kl: yeahhh their chinese restaurants i like

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