Thursday, December 28, 2006

SS4C Pasar Malam

The SS4C pasar malam (night market) is not very well known by the PJ folks, a small one lane pasar malam that usually opens about 5 to 5.30pm and stalls starts to pack at 9.30pm. But, that's my most frequent pasar malan for these few reasons;

The asam laksa. Look our for this laksa van, or should I saw look for the 10 to 20 men queue even before the van arrives! The van is always parked at the side of the entrance of the pasar malam road. They open at the SS2 pasar malam too, located at the same road where you can find the public toilet.

You can opt to eat there too as they will have tables open. You just got to grab your numbered tag from the van and wait your turn. Remember to bring a cold drink and a pack of tissue paper if you are eating there. Can get real hot.

Remember the cheap, big and YUMMY curry puff I mention before? I was at the pasar malam at 6.15pm and it was all GONE! All sold out I tell ya. Unfair! =( The stall is just 2 stalls away from the laksa van.

They also sell many types of quih there. Malai Kou, Ang Ku quih, Fat Kou, Kai Dan Kou, and many many more. All also not bad.

This is my dad's favorite stall. The stall have been here as long as I can remember, over 20 years! Dad likes their fried chicken and fried chicken pancreas (Kai Kan). They aslo have other fried stuff like fish balls, fish cakes and other items fried and stuck on a stick. You can find two elderly couple (the other stall's parents) selling steamed and fried popia too.

Further up the road is the lok-lok van. Lok-lok see ham with satay sauce... yum yum!

This Fried Carrot Cake (queh kak) stall have been here for 20 over years too. I remember a man used to fry this, then sometimes his wife, daughter and son. Family business. I have been eating this fried queh kak for so long. Squared steamed carrot cake fried with garlic, thick and thin soya sauce, egg and beansprout.

You can find this in Singapore too but I had a food culture shock when I taste the Singapore version of fried carrot cake. They use sweet soya sauce instead of the salty ones. The sweetness gave me a surprise.

Right at the top of the road you will find the only coconut stall. My dad never fail to take away 2 whole coconut water every week for home. My dad take away so often until he doesn't have to say anything. When the stall owner sees him, he will automatically just pack up two coconuts for my dad. But if you are drink a lot like my dad, don't ask for sugar. You are going to get the diabetes if you do! Other than that, the coconut water helps to cool your body in hot weather.

There are many other food stalls at the pasar malan like the fruit rojak, air mata kuching, satay, fried noodles and rice, home made bak chang, home made kaya, "tai kau mean" and my all time favorite carrot bubble tea. I didn't have the guts to take pictures because people were looking at me hehehe. I got shy.. really shy.

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7 pieces of worms:


hi, this account of a pasar malam is the best i have read. thanks. u did a good job of the post about chee cheong fun as well, i never knew there were so many versions, and thanks for illustrating them with pictures. i know the feeling of people starring at u whilst taking pictures. it is really shymaking. makes my mouth water, both these posts. haha. my family home is in ss2. i sure hope ss4c pasar malam is nearby.


gametes69: hooo SS2 pasar malam more yummy food!!


I love pasar malams!!!!! Food, glorious food! Ha ha ha....


hi tecklee would sure appreciate if u can make a blog post for ss2 pasar malam than i can know which stalls are the best for what foods. haha.cheers fr anthony


wmw: hahahha empty stomach from the start... walk until the end of the road.. stomach full liua

anthony: hahah can can... have to wait till monday first.. i should so on on chow yang's one too


ss4c is new to me. btw, one request from one humble SS3 pasar malam glutton here, care to do a post on that sometime in the future ? cheers ! :)


melting wok: ohh can can no problem.. after ss2 is ss3! I think i'll do one for every pasarmalan i know

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