Thursday, December 07, 2006

Woh Tip

I started eating and loving Woh Tip at restaurants. They always seem more juicy and sweet in the inside but crispy and dry one the outside. I tried coffee shop stalls and pasar malam stalls that sells them, they always turn out yucky. Soggy and burnt on the outside and dry on the inside.

I learnt the trick to making Woh Tip the restaurant style when I visited my relative in Singapore. She works at a cafe selling only Woh Tip. Here's some tips that she say I should follow if I want my Woh Tip to turn out delicious.

1# The stuffing should not contain too much meat. A right portion of meat and vegetable should be used.
2# Use Chinese soya sauce instead of salt.
3# Mix a small portion of water chestnuts in the stuffing.
4# Add a little water in the meat stuffing mix and freeze before use. This gives the juice as the water melts when the Woh Tip is cooks.
5# Add an egg yoke to the flour mixture.
6# Liquid should be in the middle and flour surrounding the mixture. Mix in the flour slowly in a circular motion.
7# When adding the stuffing, make sure the dough is roll out just thick enough to wrap.
8# Spoon the meat stuffing in to the dough and wrap immediately. Do not leave any holes.
9# When frying, make sure pan is heated then add oil. When oil is hot then fry Woh Tip. Cover the pan for while to give a frying and steaming effect to make the Woh Tip cook faster. Flip to fry the other side of the Woh Tip until golden brow.

This Woh Tip don't look good because ...heheh these are left overs. Had to reheat.

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