Tuesday, January 30, 2007

SS3 pasar malam

Haik! SS3 Pasar Malam! I did say I will do one for SS2 and Taman Megah... soon to come =)

Durian van. Durians are seasonal fruits so you don't get to see the van there every Tuesday. If you notice durian vans around during off season, you are most probebly buying yucky tasteless Thailand durians.

A few stall selling very fresh fish. The first stall along the road had fresher fish but I didn't get a change to take a picture because the stall was surrounded with ppl.

There's whole fresh chicken sole there also. They actually looked very fleshy.. not fatty. Good chicken. hehe.

Many vege stalls.. some selling sundry stuff as well.

Ayam goreng stall. There's another stall selling a whole ayam goreng. Not burung puyun (Pigeon) but a real whole chicken with the neck!..no head.

one malay style
Saw a satay stall and a stall selling other deep fried stuff like fish balls, sotong balls, sausages and etc.

Other than the crispy apom filled with sugar, grated coconut flesh and corn, there were stalls selling "dai kau mean" also. That's the kuih with crushed groundnuts and sugar in between.

Fried and steamed kacang kuda. Some fried bananas and fried sliced tapioca. Some other stalls were selling the same thing with steamed and BBQed sweet corn.

There's also a moving kebab stall. ....I don't trust this kind of kebab stalls... not nice one la.

Ohh and my favoiurt stall of the whole SS3 pasar malam. This indian stall selling all the indian kuih stuff. Puttu mayam! Puttu mayam! Puttu mayam! Super fresh right out of the steamer!

Puttu mayam is eaten with graed coconut flesh and red sugar.

I also saw this. Something new to me. Some steamed stuff, rice flour dough I think, stuffed with sweeten gated coconut flesh and dhall like a "sui kau".

There's aslo the deep fried tapioca balls and green bean balls which are superb! and all that Indian deep fried kuih with all the fragrant spices. YUMMY! The only thing I don't like in that stall is their curry puff. EEK!

...ohh and stuff there is cheap!

Oh...this is one of the fried stuff I like from the stall. When they drop the dough into the oil, its in a rounded shape. But when deep fried, the flour becomes a donut.

Green bean deep fried in balls.... but don't eat too much.. fattening ma.

Ohh and the buah salak.

bee hun soup. Love the soup. Usually when I take this kind of soup soto, the soup is usually sandy... kind of a lot of fish bones, chicken bones, kind of feeling. Buttt this was really smooth and still had the same soto taste. Superb! When I pip into the huge pot of soup, there are actually a few whole chickens in it.

Next time have to order the "Special" from this stall already.

There's still a lot of yummy yummies sold at the pasar malam that I didn't get picture of. Keropok lekor, chinese/malay/nyonya kuih, ice kacang, fruit shaved ice and cendol, air mata kuching, bread and cake stalls, bak chang stall, dim sum and pau stall, laksa van (the same one in SS4C pasar malam), nasi lemak, nasi campur, nasi dagang, nasi ayam, lots of kacang putih, rojak, chee cheong fun, fried rice and noodles Chinese and malay style and coconut and sugar cane water!

This is a pasar malam you will want to visit if you want to have a taste of all Malay, Indian and Chinese food.

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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Oink oink!

Chinese New Year of the pig is coming!!! Actually, it's not pig right? I think it's boar.

I started making some peanut melt in the mouth cookies already. ...but hor.. I screwed up even I followed my recipe. I was having the "Aiyah, chin chai la.. did it perfectly last year. It's the same this year"

My oven is dying too. The heating element and the electronics have gone haywire. My oven feels like 200C when I only set for 170C. =( I'm cutting off all the baking items for Chinese New Year this year.

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Friday, January 26, 2007

Buah Salak

Hehe I was being a “orang bandar”. I have no idea what was a buah salak (Salak fruit) when I saw this snake skin little fruit.

I was visiting SS3 pasar malam recently to do a pasar malan review when I came across this fruit. I was staring and asking so many questions about the fruit until he gave me one to try. He also told me where the fruit came from and how to pick good ones.

The ones I bought were from Indonesia, but they are also easily found in east Malaysia. You will need to pick the hard ones. Big and fat and rounded. The skin is hard but easily peel off the flesh.

The fruit taste a little fermented. A very unique taste that is not to everyone’s liking. A few of my malay friends that love the fruit told me the fruit is often used in “jeruk” in Indonesia.

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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Aladdin Restaurant 's bosses sucks

I'm not going to pay money to eat here again. The food was good, but I dislike the STUCK UP "PAH PAI" young male bosses!

Aladdin Restaurant, Dataran Glomac. Located near the Kelana Jaya big giant and small giant, the new shop houses. This is a new chinese halal restaurant that services Chinese and western food with a little of Hong Kong mixture food concept.

What capture my attention was the word "Chinese Muslim Food". It's just a halal Chinese restaurant.

The decorations were nice. But a little mixed up. My dad thought it was like Chinese mix Mongolian mix Greek mix Modern. Lamps were a little Chinese and some were Mongolian looking. Tables and chairs were Modern.

And this made the restaurant a little off. A golden wall with the zodiac signs? But anyway, I'm here for the food.

Ribena and lemon lasted like nothing. My "yin yong" was bad. Too much coffee, no tea. Still like the one in Kim Gary.

My dad's red bean ice blended cincau was better. But it tasted like vanilla and strawberry ice cream blended with ice and layered with cincau and topped with red beans.

The waitress told us that my sister's cheese baked rice will take about 20 minutes to cook. But we had time. While waiting for our food to come, we noticed a man taking pictures of my table and the table next to us. I thought that he was another food blogger like me. But he let the cashier keep his camera...?

Anyway, my Yang Zhou fried rice came. Honestly, this is a very nice fried rice. The chicken (I think marinated with curry powder?) was fried separately along with the eggs and the prawn. The rice was just nice, not too dry or wet, just one "biji" one "biji" The whole dish was fried nicely.

My dad's black pepper chicken wasn't that impressive. The sauce they used tasted like those Maggie black pepper sauce you can purchase in the supermarkets.

While waiting for my sister's cheese baked rice, a man came over to our table and said in Cantonese "Hello, our food are sensitive, please don't take any picture".

...ok I understand. I saw his walking out to the smoking area. He seated with 3 other men, that are the share holders. I know this because the table behind me know them and were talking so loud that it's hard not to eaves drop.

Anyway, I then realized that he first guy took picture of me as proof. Yeah ...like I'm going to steal your recipe or something.

My sisters rice came after 45 mins! The cheese was nice but a little too salty due to the cream of mushroom (I'm letting my taste buds do the guessing) they use when baking the rice. I didn't take the picture because well... I was told not to.

As we walk out of the restaurant, all 4 of the share holders looked our way and actually eye tailed us to our car that was parked in front. WHAT WAS THAT ALL ABOUT?

I really can't believe 4 of these men. Honestly, do you really think people will need pictures to steal your recipes? You really don't know nothing about food (and interior decoration). We all have taste buds and can taste our ways to your dishes. I really believe that this is their first venture in the F&B business. This is not a way to treat guest\customers.

I honestly felt sorry when I was told that they minded people take pictures. But I really change my mind when we were ill treated on the way out....by the share holders themselves!

I'm not dissing them. This is just facts. And my feelings. The food was good. But I will not pay for food there ever again.

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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Kang Guan Seafood Restaurant, Carey Island

After reading PasanKia's post on seafood, I thought it was such a coincidence that my mom suggest to head to Carey Island for seafood. After eating disappointing seafood meals all over the place, I finally found a restaurant almost near home that serves decent good seafood.

There is actually just oil palm estates and some oil palm refinery in Carey Island. The seafood restaurant I went to was at the mainland just before the bridge.

Kang Guan Seafood Restaurant, Carey Island
No 2, Batu 1 1/2 Jalan Bandar Lama, (Tepi Jambatan Pulau Carey), Teluk Panglima Garand, Kuala Langat, Selangor. Tel:03-31227737

Fired tong fun. Was so so. I have tasted worst, but also have tasted better. Rating: 6.5/10

Fried sotong. Love the flour spices. The sotong was cooked just right with the juice still in it.

I'm a little weird. I some how like over cooked tough sotongs...hehe Rating: 8/10

Marmite crab. The is the best marmite crab I have ever tasted. They have fried the crab with a thin layer of flour first. The flour later help absorbed the marmite taste to the crab. One thing that my dad didn't like was the marmite over powering the fishy smell of the crab.

I recommend this to the kids, they'll love them. I ate this without rice, so it was a little salty for me. Rating: 8.5/10

This is potato leaves... or should I say potato shoots. Very nice. They put in just the right amount of garlic. Rating: 9/10

The "Kong Pou Heh Kor" I ordered tasted good. One thing I found very unique about this Kong Pou is that the chef have added thin slices of lady fingers in the dish. Some how the lady fingers (that looked like green chili at first glance) really gave the dish the kick. Rating: 8/10

The Oh chien was actually quite good. I didn't take much because I saw the oil at the bottom. They should have at least drip dry the oil first before serving. Rating: 7/10

Overall service was good. Food came relatively quick. Price? RM85.15. What more can I say..cheap!

After lunch, we drove all the way to the other side of the island just to see what was up over there.

A few folks were fish for shell fish and some were drying salted fish. Nothing much. The place was hot and sunny, but very windy. The sight of the horizon was relaxing.

FYI, seafood in Kuala Selangor is not very good anymore. I haven't been to Sekinchang for a long time, don't know if the good restaurants are still in business. Seafood in Tanjung Sepat was so so only. Same goes for Pulau Langat. Kampung Cina is too far north to travel for seafood. And seafood in Teluk Gong is way too over rated. ...so best place for me now is Carey Island. Must try out restaurants in Pandamaran soon.

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Friday, January 19, 2007

Cendol for grand birthday

Aisheh... sorry folks for the lack of updates. Kind of busy with work, and with the Chinese New Year coming soon, I have tons to prepare! Especially when my dad's grand 60th birthday falls on the second day of the CNY!

I'll be at my grandparents place that day so I can't bake him a cake =( because they have no oven. And second day of the CNY, it will be darn difficult to find a cake shop who is open.

Need to work on a steam cake recipe soon!! Dad's really like banana... but banana steam cake? Is that even workable?

I have no idea what to buy for my dad too. I wish I could get his favorite cendol stall in Setiawan to come over to Ipoh for his birthday.

Dad could have bowls of cendol!

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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Simple Steamboat

Simple steamboat for dinner...not much variety but just nice for 4 of us.

Teo Chew fish balls and fish noodles. You can easily get these at your local market or super market. The Teo Chew fish balls are bigger because the fish balls are stuffed with marinated minced pork. You got to be careful when eating them though. The juice from the minced pork can really burn your tongue.

Fresh fish. One important key to a good steamboat is the fish. Make sure you use fresh fish if not you will really spoil the steamboat with fishy smell. Fresh fish helps sweeten the steamboat soup too. And of course, boiled fish taste good only when the meat is fresh and sweet. Pick the right type of fish too, not all fresh fish taste nice with steamboat.

Vegetables. Fresh sweet green vegetables.

Fresh mushrooms. I have no idea what type these are called. Tasted nice! Sweeter than the fresh Chinese mushrooms.

Big Head mushrooms! It doesn't soften easily in the hot soup and still very chewy and crunchy when eaten.

And of course, no steamboat goes without the chili! My mom made a superb green chili padi blended in lime juice paste. Looked like wasabi. I had a Tom Yam flavored fried shallots with dried shrimps that my best buddy bought from Thailand and normal fried shallots to dress the boiling soup. This gives out the fragrant.

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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Pasar Tani Mega

I went to a pasar tani near my place last Saturday to buy stuff for my new year eve dinner. The market is located after the Kelana Jaya police station if you come from the Kelana Jaya Giant. I was surprised when I saw this many cars!

The traffic jam was jammed up that day because many Muslims were doing their Hari Raya Eid Adha celebration shopping as well. Parking on normal days are already difficult to find if you reach the market after 7.15. I spent quite sometime just waiting for parking. Or you can actually park further. Really far away.

I always thought markets would be messy and all but don't the red canopy makes the market looks to funfair'ish? The cleanliness and the organisation made it my #1 favourite morning market.

There were exceptionally a lot of beef sold that day for the Raya.

I asked around about the yellow chicken. I still have no idea why it's yellow in colour. I believe it's marinated in Kunyit. One man told me it was for "bakar" (roast\BBQ).

Fish sold here are really fresh. There was once when I saw a fish still flipping around! But then... they can be quite expensive sometimes. You can also find a lot of sotong and crabs and other sea food.

Even dried salted fish! You don't have to buy the whole fish ;P

Fresh green vegetables of all sorts. I can always find the paku pakis here. I usually can't seem to find them else where when I want them.

Smelly fragrant petai! You don't have to travel to Bidor just for good petais.

There's a few stalls selling dry sundry goods too. You can buy some canned food, belacan, sambal, all the dry stuff.

Eggs. Plenty of eggs. One thing nice about buying eggs from the market is that you get to pick the eggs you buy. If you are lucky enough, you might end up with a few double egg yokes!

Ahhh eating clams at restaurants are always so darn expensive. Now I get to cook a lot of Bee Yinn's clam dishes after I found this stall! They have the "see ham", balitong, mentarang, 3 types of lala type shell fish. They also have oyster and the "choke than" (bamboo) shell fish but they come frozen.

The pasar tani even have orchids stalls! Did you know orchids water is as nice as rose water too?

C-O-C-O-N-U-T. You can get fresh grated coconut here, skip those pre-grated coconut flesh in the supermarkets.

Papaya and rambutans. The too have a lot of local fruits sold in the market like the jambu, ciku and mango. I didn't see any durian yet ;P

Pineapples... not sure if they are sweet tho.

And bananas! My dad loves the "berangan" bananas. They were sold for RM1.70 per kg last week.

Other than the "to be cooked", there are also stalls selling "to be eaten" food.

Steamboat stall.

Lemang stall with a lot of curries and kuahs. A lot of stalls were selling lemang in a whole bamboo that day for the Raya. There are usually one or none.

Keropok and kerepek. I'm still wondering today the difference between them. I asked a Malay friend ones but he said "If you hear the sound 'pok pok pok' when you chiew, that is kerepok. If it sounds like 'pek pek pek' then its kerepek" LOL!!! Of course he was just joking.

All the mee soup. Mee rebus, asam laksa, mee soto and many more.

There are many other makan stalls and other tani stall. You just need to visit the Pasar tani yourself =)

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