Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Aladdin Restaurant 's bosses sucks

I'm not going to pay money to eat here again. The food was good, but I dislike the STUCK UP "PAH PAI" young male bosses!

Aladdin Restaurant, Dataran Glomac. Located near the Kelana Jaya big giant and small giant, the new shop houses. This is a new chinese halal restaurant that services Chinese and western food with a little of Hong Kong mixture food concept.

What capture my attention was the word "Chinese Muslim Food". It's just a halal Chinese restaurant.

The decorations were nice. But a little mixed up. My dad thought it was like Chinese mix Mongolian mix Greek mix Modern. Lamps were a little Chinese and some were Mongolian looking. Tables and chairs were Modern.

And this made the restaurant a little off. A golden wall with the zodiac signs? But anyway, I'm here for the food.

Ribena and lemon lasted like nothing. My "yin yong" was bad. Too much coffee, no tea. Still like the one in Kim Gary.

My dad's red bean ice blended cincau was better. But it tasted like vanilla and strawberry ice cream blended with ice and layered with cincau and topped with red beans.

The waitress told us that my sister's cheese baked rice will take about 20 minutes to cook. But we had time. While waiting for our food to come, we noticed a man taking pictures of my table and the table next to us. I thought that he was another food blogger like me. But he let the cashier keep his camera...?

Anyway, my Yang Zhou fried rice came. Honestly, this is a very nice fried rice. The chicken (I think marinated with curry powder?) was fried separately along with the eggs and the prawn. The rice was just nice, not too dry or wet, just one "biji" one "biji" The whole dish was fried nicely.

My dad's black pepper chicken wasn't that impressive. The sauce they used tasted like those Maggie black pepper sauce you can purchase in the supermarkets.

While waiting for my sister's cheese baked rice, a man came over to our table and said in Cantonese "Hello, our food are sensitive, please don't take any picture".

...ok I understand. I saw his walking out to the smoking area. He seated with 3 other men, that are the share holders. I know this because the table behind me know them and were talking so loud that it's hard not to eaves drop.

Anyway, I then realized that he first guy took picture of me as proof. Yeah I'm going to steal your recipe or something.

My sisters rice came after 45 mins! The cheese was nice but a little too salty due to the cream of mushroom (I'm letting my taste buds do the guessing) they use when baking the rice. I didn't take the picture because well... I was told not to.

As we walk out of the restaurant, all 4 of the share holders looked our way and actually eye tailed us to our car that was parked in front. WHAT WAS THAT ALL ABOUT?

I really can't believe 4 of these men. Honestly, do you really think people will need pictures to steal your recipes? You really don't know nothing about food (and interior decoration). We all have taste buds and can taste our ways to your dishes. I really believe that this is their first venture in the F&B business. This is not a way to treat guest\customers.

I honestly felt sorry when I was told that they minded people take pictures. But I really change my mind when we were ill treated on the way the share holders themselves!

I'm not dissing them. This is just facts. And my feelings. The food was good. But I will not pay for food there ever again.

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27 pieces of worms:


No need to be shy ... you dissed them alright. Online of course.


So kiasu of them to act that way.


So dumb. For all they know, their business might increase just because a food blogger reviewed them.


it's a shame that they passed up on free advertising.


Damn... feel sorry for them man... dumb until like that...

In fact... why feel sorry for them? They deserve a bad review.

Thanks for the heads up.



Aladdin? Pls count me out!


I haven't had that encounter with restaurants/hawker stalls. However, several cake shops didn't allow me to take pictures of the cakes on display. I don't see how someone can steal a recipe by just taking photos. Got the design also no use, cos no recipe. Might as well buy the food item back for such a tactic.

Seriously though, this is the age of the internet and we are out there giving them "free advertisement" per se. Upsetting a food blogger is even worse! Hell hath no fury like a food blogger scorned! LOL! I still cannot understand why there are such fools around!


still katak di bawah tempurung guarr..their loss hehe :) You see they only gave u uno pukito shrimp, hahaha, you should know :P Over here, wahh..if I take pix., people tend to be more open, perhaps they think you gonna write something negative, did you gave them any of those vibes ? hehe

Btw, food unrelated, weird thing, that plating used in this post, I saw the exact same one at the market for USD$8.99 hahaha..ok, see ya around :)


Loong: if I was the miss samseng type i would have dissed then right in the face!

boolicious: yeah la..duno how to do business man

wen: they wont know if im a food blogger or not.. but its bad for business if you treat your customers ill. i still cant believe they actually looked out to find out what kind of car my dad was driving!

izad: cant blame them.. fools in business

nat: good food...but sucky customer service

tummythoz: i like the cartoon...not the restaurant.

wmw: at least if you were told politely still ok.. this men ah.. cant believe them man

melting wok: aiyor..cina men doing business diff from open minded ang mo.


I like "yin yong" in Kim Gary too!^^


dun worri 2moro v will plant a bomb in their kitchen. short & quick.


mandy: yeahhh they have the best yin yong!

team bsg: hahahahah let me know.. i'l join in the fun!


I believe you handled it in a cultured manner. They don't know the power of recommendation especially through internet.


actually funny u know, most of the times if I do bring the camera out, the cinamen restaurant owners tend to give better portion ahahaha, afraid we write something bad. U should get a fake id media tag, they think u some big shot, then they let u take pix, eh eh ? :)


They are stupid! Why SELL those food if you don't want others to copy? A good chef should be able to reproduce by tasting it!


littlenoodle: maybe they dont know what the internet is.. but the way they act.. like budak samseng only.

Anonymous: hahahha dont want la. I act normal only can tell if their service is really good and genuine.

Anonymous: yeah lo. Taste buds will do.


Nowadays I'll ask "Is photography allow here?" If no, then bye bye liao.

Precious Pea

Hi there...first time visiting your blog...nice job! Well, i got to say that someone need to educate them on the power of food blogger.


Hijackqueen: hmm i ate first thought later.. mana tau, got bad treatment later too!

precious pea: too bad they didnt know i was a food blogger. i wished they saw this!


nowadays i uses my camera phone haha... hmm maybe next time shld bring big ass camera like the press then they'll think you're from the media :p


i super agree with all of the comments regarding how dumb the shareholders are. good on u to write it out in ur post :)

btw been reading ur blog for some time now. nice read! :)


Some ppl really can be as stupid as that... Btw, this is my 1st time reading your blog, nice job!


i tried chinese food for the 1st & last time in my life... Aladdin sucks...

Not happy

I went there today. I started taking photographs. The waitress then came to me saying cannot take photograph. She said it is the LAW of the restaurant. Wow. There is a LAW in the restaurant!

I was a bit angry with her tone. So i said, if cannot take photo, they should put a sign outside.

She said we are allow to take the photo of their restaurant but not the food

I said the purpose of taking photo of the food is to show people how good and to recommend them to your restaurant. Isn't that what the restaurant want?

She said no photo of the food blah blah blah all over again...

Since my food are already on my table. I just ignored what she said and took photos of all the food

Food = 7/10
Cannot take photo = -10/10


Totally agreed!!!! Ive experienced the same thing and it has really turned me OFF!!!!!! What was it with 'taking pictures'??????Dont tell me that they've patented all thesee food and places??????Even if they did, how does taking pictures violate that????SO SO KIASU DAMN KIASU!!!!!Obviously they are not bloggers or anti-bloggers or they are bloggers but they are just KIASU!!!


hi i just came back from that horrible restaurant. everything u said about the restaurant is soo true especially on the usage of maggi sos..i couldnt finish my daughter aged 3 yrs old just spat her food on the floor due to its horrible taste. We didnt finish our food. For all the dishes it costs me RM50 for 3 people. Its a horrible experience for all of us. They claimed the food is halal..but they way they treat customer and poor quality of the food are not muslim halal way at all..

khasiat madu

was looking for places to eat in KJ... but after reading your article, i think i will skip this aladdin.

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