Friday, January 26, 2007

Buah Salak

Hehe I was being a “orang bandar”. I have no idea what was a buah salak (Salak fruit) when I saw this snake skin little fruit.

I was visiting SS3 pasar malam recently to do a pasar malan review when I came across this fruit. I was staring and asking so many questions about the fruit until he gave me one to try. He also told me where the fruit came from and how to pick good ones.

The ones I bought were from Indonesia, but they are also easily found in east Malaysia. You will need to pick the hard ones. Big and fat and rounded. The skin is hard but easily peel off the flesh.

The fruit taste a little fermented. A very unique taste that is not to everyone’s liking. A few of my malay friends that love the fruit told me the fruit is often used in “jeruk” in Indonesia.

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4 pieces of worms:


Forget whether I did try this before in my hometown. Anyway, good try! :D


dang, I never had it before, how does it taste like ?


mandy: Hehehe maybe the next time u are back you should go hut for them... i wonder how the tree look like.

Anonymous: Hmm hard to explain. But I'll try. Sweet sourish. A little fermented taste. Testure is like a half way soften green pear, but not as bumpy, Salak is smoother.


Salak is my most favorite fruit.

From the color of the fruit (a bit reddish), i can guess that this particular salak must come from either north sumatra or bali. This kind of salak taste a bit sour/bitter.

The one i love is salak from Jogja, often called salak pondoh or salak lumut. Next time try this type, taste much better, no sour/bitter taste. Sweet and soft

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